For Your Consideration: Man On The Bridge


arthur fields

Arthur Fields in O’Connell Street, Dublin in the 1980s

Snapper Arthur Fields.

A life of selfie sacrifice.

Niall De Buitlear writes:

I thought you might like a great documentary that was on RTE over the Christmas holidays. I was involved in the project in the early stages when it was just an online photo collection project (ManOnBridge). It has since turned into a fantastic documentary which I can say because I wasn’t involved in the production.

It tells the the story of Arthur Fields who worked as a street photographer in Dublin every day for 50 years. The documentary shows that the “man on the bridge” was a complex and unusual man. And it’s on the RTE player for 10 more days…

Watch Man On The Bridge here


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11 thoughts on “For Your Consideration: Man On The Bridge

  1. diddy

    ah the anna livia in the backround.. good place to get mugged by inner city knackers in the early 90’s

  2. Custo

    My folks have a great photo of them out on the town in the mid 60s that I assumed was taken by the guy from the doc, but when I asked, my da told me that street photographers were ten a penny around Dublin back then.

    The guy who took their one had a shop up on Parnell Sq I think where they collected it on the Monday after it was taken.

  3. Rep

    Didn’t get to watch it all but the bit I did watch made he seem…. odd. Didn’t go to any of his kids weddings, deciding to work instead and worked every christmas because someone once gave a 20 quid tip?

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