I Am The Bus Loafer Guy



Further to yesterday’s slip-on drama (above)…

His actions – caught on camera – outraged the Broadsheet reading public.

Now he talks.

Sean Mac Labhrás writes:

Dear Broadsheet,

I own those feet, legs, and shoes referred to above. They were on public display for just five minutes yesterday.. in my defence, can I refer to the following mitigation:

1. The feet were folded and tucked as far away as possible from potentially aghast commuters.
2. Said feet were on view briefly, while looking aimlessly down on O’Connell Street-and then quickly reunited with said loafers.
3. The seat on the upstairs of the double decker is the only seat in which there is some legroom to stretch after a day’s toil.
4. The large window adjacent to the seat was opened by me
5. I have an issue with sore heels, and therefore putting the feet up – temporarily -is under strict medical orders
6. Both feet take active part in a daily shower, while socks are committed a diurnal rotation too. (Today’s striped number are settling in nicely this morning). This would cut down on any noisome emissions that could be in any way construed as toxic to civil society.
7. The Ecco loafers are a must for sensitive feet – as are the M&S cords for a man, who contrary to speculation is married with two kids.
8. I am 5ft 10ins, but the sly shot from my bus neighbour didn’t demonstrate this

There are far worse experiences on Dublin Bus, compared to a feet-up, viz, in no particular order, bar number one

1. People taking surreptitious photos of other people on the bus and then sending the image and appalled mini-editorial to Broadsheet…
2. People, like our friend above, glued to their smartphone or tablet via their eyes and ears like zombie passengers. Dublin Bus is fast resembling a ghost ride with the number of such addicts…although it is nice to see the very odd person actually reading a book, or knitting while travelling
3. People who eat a large Subway sandwich or McDonalds without opening the window or without looking in any way apologetic for same! ( pot, black etc)
4.  People, invariably at the back, talking about their upcoming court case, prison sentence, drug bust or …. the best modus operandi when robbing bikes from a gated apartment complex
5. Middle-class mums who talk, unashamedly, about making “smoked fish canapés” for the kids on Christmas day
6. The change of driver lark as the bus is nearing the city centre. Most galling is when the new driver isn’t waiting for the actual driver at the scheduled swop-stop for the latter’s union break.
7. Weekly fares increases on Dublin Bus, enough said.
8. Hordes of testosterone-fuelled schoolboys post 3.30pm on any route
9.  Hordes of Spanish students who invade the bus fleet during the summer
10.  Finally, bus drivers who disdainfully pull off from the stop, just as you arrive at their door, coughing your spine up from all the running you have done to reach it
11.     ….I could go on


Yesterday: Bus Loafer Drama

88 thoughts on “I Am The Bus Loafer Guy

      1. Mikeyfex

        Ah no. He’s having a laugh, isn’t he? And he addressed each of the points levelled against him yesterday. Unlike a lot of people, he’s just not taking it all too seriously. That’s my reading of it, which would explain my opening comment.

        1. Joe

          Of course he is, he’s ripping the piss of the post that took the picture. The person who should be handing her head in shame at the moment begging boradsheet to take the post down.

      2. Mick

        Once your shoes are off putting your feet up is fine. It’s the rule on trains across the continent. If the ticket inspector sees your feet up shoes on he’ll fine you. Otherwise all good. Maybe you should all take a chill pill.

    1. robert smith

      A bus driver over christmas explained to me the scam that they have going on with these cross city buses, changing the driver and breaks, all the my dublin bus torment made sense after that.
      I can’t wait until dublin bus no linger exist

    2. Bingo

      Of course they/we should.
      Management should ensure that this happens without disruption to the service!

    1. Birneybau2

      13. The TWO idiots in above photo with bags on the outside seats, sure, feck the other passengers,

      1. Don Pidgeoni

        Bags on seats is fine as long as you have the cop on to realise when the bus is full and people will then need that seat. Just sit on it if they don’t move it, they won’t do it again

        1. andyourpointiswhatexactly

          I love when people leave bags next to them. Even if there are other seats free, I always ask them to move them. That’s how I passive-aggressive roll.

          1. Don Pidgeoni

            Ditto. Its like shoulder barging people who dont stand to the side when the train pulls into the platform to let you off. The DART at Pearse St is brilliant for this

        2. Soundings

          Right, so the bag which was in all probability resting on Dublin’s vomit-, blood-, excrement- and urine-soaked pavements, waiting for the bus, should now be resting on a seat for the rest of us to sit on afterwards.

          As for the “medical orders” above, would love to know what medical condition requires you to put your feet up and remove your shoes. Loafer is just a skanger called out. You were caught and feel miffed. Just don’t do it in future.

  1. andyourpointiswhatexactly

    Ah heeyor. You took your shoes off on a bus and put your feet up.
    You haven’t A LEG TO STAND ON.
    Oh yeah. Calling it since 1975.

  2. Crank

    Do watcha want, man. As long as you aren’t pissing anyone else off, do watcha want.

    Also: be tolerant.

    Also: don’t tell people what to do.

  3. Colm

    Yup, those people who listen to music and use their phones on the bus are the worst. Certainly people who take their shoes off and put their feet out up in front of them while using their bags to take up the whole seat, potentially preventing others from sitting down, they’re to to be pitied for having to put up with every other bus using commuter.

    1. Sidewinder

      Lots of said people having earphones in so as to avoid listening to “middle class mums” and people discussing their court date.

      Oh and Sean – I read books on my phone.

  4. maccers

    I’m a zombie passenger exactly so I don’t have to deal with all of the above. Only way I can keep my mind intact. Are the only acceptable bus pastimes knitting and reading? Because talking or not talking don’t seem to be allowed. Just put your socks away please for the love of god.

  5. J

    Still have your stinky feet out, and yes they are stinky if you’ve spent a day wearing the socks and shoes.

  6. Paddy

    He’s 5ft 10… What’s that got to do with anything? The fact that you were able to stretch your feet that far to put them up???

    1. Mister Mister

      Also, why would he sit in the front row ? I’m inches shorter and never sit there because there’s nowhere to stretch your feet.

      1. andyourpointiswhatexactly

        I’m taller than he is, and like sitting there. There’s a lot of room from hip to knee in those seats, more than in the ones behind. That’s where most of my length is. Though maybe I’m a freak.

        1. andyourpointiswhatexactly

          Ha! You can bring your own steering wheel along, like Maggie Simpson in the opening credits.

      2. Shanti

        That looks like it could be one of the newer buses where there’s actually a fair chunk of leg room in the front seat as there’s only one seat in front of the stairwell instead of the usual 2 (these are the ones with the screen displaying a rotation of the feeds from the buses cctv in the stairwell for some reason), they started appearing last year – think they’re all 141 and 142 regs.

  7. Clampers Outside!

    Thanks for enlightening us Sean… a real commutin’ hero!

    Now, if you wouldn’t mind, like everyone else here (I assume) I must see these stripey socks of today, I must !!

    1. Advertising On Police Cars

      hey Clampers, mobdro is not streaming because you need to reinstall, there is a new patch out which resolves this…

  8. Frilly Keane

    In one way Sean, a fair play t’ya would be due, since (a) its as good a come back as any yet and, (b) I’d a’probably just told ’em to go ück themselves, especially the ünt who took the pic.

    However, removing your footwear and following with the placing your stockinged feet up on public transport is downright Rude.

    I don’t care how well nourished your socks are or how content your home life is.

    It is still Rude.

    Find some manners.

    1. Lilly

      Ah Frilly that’s harsh. It’s the gobsh*tes on the Luas with dirty shoes up on the opposite seat that they petulantly remove to allow you sit that piss me off.

  9. Odis

    I, for one, don’t buy into this “explanation”.

    Whilst Sean may go on about the junkies and criminals and assorted members of the lumpen proletariat that darken the capitals bus service.

    There really is no reason for letting standards slip any further. I would hasten to add. that I’m not suggesting some sort of dress code here. Just reasonable standards of attire.

    1. gallantman

      While he appears to accept that it is generally not a good idea, his point is that for people like him its okay. If you went to the same esteemed educational institutions as Sean you’d understand that world view.

    1. andyourpointiswhatexactly

      I puked into a paper bag and had to hold it until I got off. I noticed my Dad was there waiting at the bottom of the bus steps to collect me (long bus journey, not the 46B) so had to leave the bag of puke on the bus. Sorry, Mr/Mrs Cleaner.

  10. Bazzamatta

    Keep your shoes on, man. If we allow people to de-dube, what’ll be next? I may as well hop on the 46A in the nip and NO-ONE would care to see that. But once you allow this madness, anything goes.

  11. Lynzolo

    All true but STILL no-one wants to see or smell (no matter what he says) anyones nasty sweaty socks on the bus home. Hold out until you get home!! An issue with sore heels??? PLEASE

  12. Owen

    Can we get a photo of them both tomorrow on the bus??! Just for the fun of it. You will both be on the lookout for each other now. Sean in the brown loafers and cords, black laptop case and Audrey with the brown leather bag

    Maybe doing the dirty dancing lift on the top deck…..
    or both with your shoes off in a ‘we’re so funny’ kind of pose.
    or Audry giving Sean head or something. You know, like a natural pose.

  13. pissedasanewt

    Not as bad as putting your feet up on the seat after trodding in dog sh1t. Its probably the cleanest place to put your feet anywhere on the bus if you were to take your shoes of…

    In Berlin a few years ago I was sitting on a train, I had my one leg up on the other in that it was resting on my lap just above the knee. No foot was touching the seat opposite. Next thing 3 police officers and a rather vicious looking dog strolled past the window. They stopped and one took the time to direct a finger at me, then pointed at my foot, then pointed at the floor. When it says no feet on the seat in Germany, they really mean it.

    1. Caroline

      True, they really mean it.

      I had an auld fella in Berlin nearly speechless with anger, not sure how bad my transgression was but I’m sure it was debonair and insouciant. He directed my feet to the floor and then just managed to splutter “Das ist keine Kultur!!” which, while somewhat cryptic, is also very chastening and I think a little bit true.

  14. Rep

    What’s wrong with smoked fish canapés? It is generally just a fancy way of saying smoked salmon on some soda bread which is BLOODY LOVELY you foul heathen.

  15. galwaytt

    sorry, but Ecco Man is wrong.
    It’s one seat per person, and that’s a seat per person, not a chaise longue…….

  16. Gary Byrne

    No man, get some manners, never take your shoes off on public transport. Cant believe you actually tried to justify your actions. Its disgusting and dont do it again!

    1. Janet

      I just roared out loud in the office , thanks Frilly ( I am have me shoes off and me socks on btw )
      Live a little guys , I would have thought it polite he took the shoes off before putting the sore feet up.

      1. Frilly Keane

        Ah now. There was a time when a half dozen pairs of shoes would be lurking under my desk. These days this just orthopedic slippers.

        But everyone’s done it. But they don’t go into the canteen and put their feet up on the tables. Loaferless or otherwise.

        BTW. I thought loafers had tassels

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