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This morning.

Taoiseach Enda Kenny with  the French Ambassador to Ireland, Jean-Pierre Thebault, at the French Embassy, Ailesbury Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4 to express condolences for the victims of the Charlie Hebdo shooting in Paris.

(Leon Farrell/Photocall Ireland)



Cakes at Chez Max, Baggott Street, Dublin 2.

Via Chez Max

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34 thoughts on “Solidarité

        1. Don Pidgeoni

          Has Zuppy said anything about the worldwide Jewish control of the media yet or is he saving that?

    1. Joxer

      maybe Zuppy is right , maybe the planet is controlled by the illuminati/freemasons/7 familes/bilderbergs/owl creek lads/NWO or any other unknowable cabal of secret society

      maybe he is wrong , maybe this attack in France was just two gobshites with access to rifles and the mentalities of medieval serfs

      but one thing is certain, Governments/EU will seize on this to introduce more laws to carry out surveillance on the populations

  1. Rapscallion

    What it would have been to see Enda holding a sign that said Je Suis Charlie. Chavez shirt, anyone?

  2. missred

    Saw him last night on the Tonight Show – Vincent Browne’s arse-kissing M. Thebault was absolutely nauseating, like two tweens at a sleepover

    1. jungleman

      In fairness Vincent asked some tough questions, and the ambassador’s answers were less than adequate.

      1. missred

        Yes indeed, for the first few minutes. After that, it just got way too cosy. Vincent should have used his trademark impatience to push for better answers

  3. Gers

    Does this plank realise what “Je Suis Charlie” means? Ireland is NOT Charlie. There is a fupping Blasphemy Law in Ireland FFS. Shut up Enda, and all your croonies. Shameful this is.

      1. liberte capillaire

        “Charlie Hebdo” is named after Charlie Brown. It is usually referred by its reader as “Charlie”. So “Je suis Charlie”.
        I understand from an English speaking perspective that “Je suis Charlie” is not the best choice but at least and ironically, it manages to make you laugh at the expense of these powerful hypocrites as “Charlie” was and will do!

        1. Zuppy International

          It makes me laugh alright to see all those people holding up signs which declare themselves to be fools. You gotta give the Hoaxters credit for a sick sense of humour!

    1. Kieran NYC

      Dictionaries are a conspiracy to force us to limit our use of words with pre-defined meanings in this false construct of a world, man.

      Fake words are fake.

  4. andyourpointiswhatexactly

    I hope they still have dem gateaux in Chez Max: I’m gonna get me one this lunchtime. Out of solidarity, not naked gluttony.

  5. More_Bemuda_Than_Berlin

    Enda looks worried that appearing with the French Ambassador might harm Ireland’s exports to the Middle-East

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      Conspicuous in his absence. I would have thought this an opportunity for him to divert attention away from the Tweet business. I never trust a Minister that isn’t around.

  6. Truth in the News

    Threre is an attempt to hide the underlying French
    racial quagmire, 20% of the population are non
    ethinic, over 12 Million who have quite a different
    set of values than those of the rest, and have been
    the subject of French colonial rule in the past..and
    the less than elagant treatment of this distint minority.
    over the decades since 60’s.
    Then there is the media saturation response, as one
    of their organs was the subject of the outrage
    Were it not the media, would there be as much concern:
    How has it got to this….are there replicas of the French racial
    equation elsewhere in Europe:

  7. Mr. T.

    Events like Paris really bring out the sentimental double standard nonsense and parades of idiotic tweets and comments from safe, western whites.

    Same day as Paris attack, 37 seven were killed in Yemen by terrorists and nobody gives a f*ck.

    Polarised thinking among supposedly intelligent people is depressing.

  8. SADDo

    Chez Max produced any #JeSuisAhmed cakes yet? Why not?

    “I am Ahmed. #CharlieHebdo ridiculed my prophet, faith and culture — I died defending their right to do #JeSuisAhmed”

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