20 thoughts on “Incoming

    1. PPads

      We do not huddle, hug or otherwise motivate while commuting. We merely wear duck down jackets/coats if bad weather is predicted.The consistent lack of Wi-Fi on the Belfast to Dublin Enterprise is a glorious mystery however?

  1. pissedasanewt

    In city center, clear blue skies now, apart from some sleet an hour ago its been a pretty weather boring day :(

  2. Samuel

    Hay BroadSheet – how about not posting pictures that look like they were taken from the driver’s seat. Take an ethcial stance.

    1. Wayne.F

      Yep it’s snowing how can I drive safer, I take photos while driving in the snow, a condition I am not used to and rarely drive in

    2. Brian S

      Yeah because it’s so hard to control a car on snow…stopped at a set of traffic lights. Ethical stand. Lulz

      1. Wayne.F

        I didn’t realise the use of a mobile phone in a car was legal once you were stopped at traffic lights sigh!

  3. Samuel

    You’re not supposed to take your hands off the wheel unless to use indicators, hand brake, gear stick, etc. Rulz of the roadz. Lulz

    1. Brian S

      And while you’re at it, see if you can reach the relevant part of the road traffic act from up there and point out where it says “your not supposed to take your hands off the wheel unless you are changing gear using the indicator or handbrake” just curious

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