‘It Was Great To See Some People Contacting Us’


90367252Enda Kenny yesterday

“I’m hopeful that we can give everybody hope in the country here. This is the first budget in seven years where some money was given back to people. And we hope to continue that flexibility in the time ahead as prepare for budget 2016,”

“But we are very anxious to see that the benefits of a rising economy are spread throughout the country and people can see that in their daily lives, but also in their cheques which is very important when the payment comes.

It was great to see, last week, some people contacting us and saying ‘Well I’m not sure whether it was a mistake or not, but I seem to have got extra money in this last payment’. We want to continue that. “

Taoiseach Enda Kenny, speaking before yesterday’s cabinet meeting .

“It was just a turn of phrase.”

Taoiseach’s spokesperson yesterday afternoon

Must be a Mayo thing.

Enda: Im Man Of The Paypal (Myles Mentee, The Irish Sun)

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38 thoughts on “‘It Was Great To See Some People Contacting Us’

  1. Nessy

    He’s a plonker suffering from verbal diarrhoea. Long may it continue because it’s making people realise how much of an idiot he is whenever he opens his mouth. People on the higher tax rate got an extra €1000 which works out at less than €84 a month. People on the lower tax rate got considerably less! If anyone contacted him to thank him for giving that back whilst implementing water charges (amongst other things) they need their head examined

    1. Spartacus

      I find myself wondering what job he’ll get on the opposition benches after the next election. Opposition spokesperson for gobshitery?

      1. Bobojoc

        Do be silly……. He won’t be on the opposition bench after the next election. He’ll be riding off into the sunset with his massive pension, his middle finger raised and an overinflated sense of self satisfaction.

  2. More_Bemuda_Than_Berlin

    Voter: “I’m not sure if the adults know about it, but I got extra rations this week”

    Enda: “Dear God, don’t tell the adults if you did… Oh no, wait, I’m supposed to one of the adults…”

  3. sickofallthisbs

    I wondered how long it would take for people to realise what an idiot he is. I feel sorry for all the FG hacks who can’t see what a moron they work for.

  4. bisted

    …knew he wasn’t contacted because Steve and the other FG Youf were busy on here spinning the water fiasco.

    1. Steve

      Ah here no need for the slagging. I was only trying to educate about the benefits of new AMR meters over old disc ones. Just having a bit of debate on broadsheet.

      Can I presume you to be a SF stooge??

      1. bisted

        …in fairness, Steve, you were on the ball at the crack of dawn and reinforcements didn’t arrive until nearly 11am (pesky students).
        I have to admit that I am enjoying the apoplexy that the rise and rise of the Shinners seems to be inducing…I confess to being a Labour supporter until the betrayal but I’m no stooge…you can keep that hat.

        1. Steve

          Yes I admit I like to read a bit of broadsheet over breakfast. I’m pro choice, pro marriage equality etc , not a party member but gonna vote FG next election. If that makes me a stooge and gives ammo for inevitable abuse below then so be it.

          However , I must admit that I am enjoying the mass ‘confirmation bias’ that is going on on sites like broadsheet and the journal between anti gov parties supporters. Everybody confirming each other’s views that FG will be obliterated and turfed out at next election. Yes, There is a political lifetime to go between now and supposed next election date and who knows how election will go. But Bookies are rarely wrong on these things. Quick search on paddypower there lad and you will see FG still in pole position to head the next government. Hate to disappoint but there is a whole electorate out there – not just broadsheet /journal commenters.

          All parties are hypocritical – FG are no different. But ill look forward to how SF defend their stance down here on welfare & privatisation, when contrasted against their signing up to the Stormont house agreement, especially paragraphs 7 and 11 which commit SF to implement severe welfare cuts and sell of state assets.

          Bring on the election!! :)

          1. bisted

            …I think there is no ‘harder’ vote than the FG vote and that they will probably emerge as the largest party after the next election but a coalition with FF now seems inevitable. When this happens, SF will have done this country some service.
            Labour should have precipitated this outcome at the last election. If they had it would no doubt have led to a merger between FF/FG but the lure of power and pensions was too much.

  5. ollie

    It’s a terrible indictment on irish politics, and paticularly fg an labour, that a man who’s obviously of below average intelligence and has spent all of his adult life in an institutionalised environment, can become leader of a government.
    Then again, he’s just the latest in a long line

  6. Murtles

    Yes of course because it would be the most logical thing to do when you see any sort of increase in your wage is to ring the Taoiseach and ask if it was a mistake. I found a five dollar bill when I was out walking over the weekend too. Anyone got Obamas number?

  7. Iseult

    Sorry, got the rage now
    He really sees us as peasants who are to be grateful for scraps…those scraps being our own hard earned pittance lobbed back at us as a bribe cause he’s scared for his job
    Likewise the increase in children’s allowance… €5 a month..an amount so small u can’t even get a cash machine to dispense it to you!!

    1. McKay

      Jebus that man’s an idiot. No wonder they keep him under lock and key and away from anyone in the media with half a brain pan. Every time he opens his gob some half-baked verbal vomit spews forth. I shudder to think of him out there on the world stage representing us..

    2. Happy Molloy

      yeah, the free money in this country isn’t nearly enough.
      there’s people in suits who have more than I do

    1. McKay

      Yep. He does. Bad enough having Michael Noonan rummaging in your pants for his cut o’tax but now Enda’s slipping the few bob into your arse pocket.

  8. Odis

    > “It was great to see, last week, some people contacting us and saying ‘Well I’m not sure whether it was a mistake or not, but I seem to have got extra money in this last payment’.”

    I thought it was just me. Seemingly, everyone is at it!

  9. Truth in the News

    He seems to hear voices that don’t exist, its called fantasy
    and when announced publicy lies and dammed lies:

  10. Anne

    “It was great to see, last week, some people contacting us and saying ‘Well I’m not sure whether it was a mistake or not, but I seem to have got extra money in this last payment’

    He’s like the dumbest snake oil salesman you could ever possibly meet.
    I wonder what his IQ is? Being optimistic I’d say low, to very low.

    1. One Dub

      He wants you to think he’s dumb.
      He wants you to look away.

      He’s smarter than you think, and he’s a cn*t.

      1. Sam

        I wouldn’t say he’s all that smart, but he sure ain’t as dumb as people think either.
        It’s cunning, and being in the right gombeen mafia, and being a w@nkweasel.

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