34 thoughts on “The Great Leveller

  1. Stash

    If the build-up to Sochi taught us anything it is that the Putin picture couldn’t possibly be accurate. Surely he should have two toilets in his cubicle?

  2. Drogg

    I really like these, it shows almost a weak humanity in these tyrants like they are contemplating the consequences of their decisions while dropping a deuce.

  3. Always Wright

    They’re all going to bump their heads off the ceiling when they stand up. Why did that Guggeri lady depict them all in hobbit houses?

  4. Mick Flavin

    The Dalai Lama should start his day with a bowl of All-Bran and a few prunes by the looks of things.

  5. rotide

    I feel very embarassed asking since all of the others are very famous and very good likenesses but…

    who’s the first one?

    1. Mick Flavin

      In this context I know what a “number 1” and a “number 2” are, but how does one go about making a “number 3”?

      1. rotide

        I should have said ‘Tight Head’ as that’s what i meant.

        God, that doesn’t make it any less of c double entendre does it.

  6. Iwerzon

    I recall RTÉ issueing a grovelling apology, at the top of their Live at 6 news, to Brian Cowen after a totally news-worthy article the previous evening about yer man who painted a cartoon of him on the toilet and hung it in the National gallery. Freedom of expression his arse.

    1. Milo

      Agreed. Not funny, not insightful and if done against an “ordinary” person would be viewed as a gross invasion of privacy and bullying in nature. I love satire but this is even more juvenile then Viz without the humour.

      1. scottser

        you’re just ashamed at yourself over the dirty thoughts you had about merkel’s cankles, aren’t you?

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