9 thoughts on “Bathtime Is Hell

  1. Soundings

    Next Yuletide, you could combine bathtime pics with elf costumes, and double the sadness (of the pet, the owners will be doubled up in laughter/oh-ah). The majority of dogs don’t like being bathed either, though at least, there’s a valid reason for cleaning your pet.

    1. scottser

      don’t like being bathed, but will dive into a hole full of stagnant water at every hand’s turn. go figure..

  2. Clampers Outside!

    As a non-pet owner I don’t see this much so I got a giggle, particularly the two ragged looking pups standing up (2nd pic from top and 2nd up from bottom, right) and the one (4th down, left) with his one tooth out :)

  3. Je Suis Frilly Keane

    Ah here
    Would ya look at yer man the mastiff hiding behind the curtain
    Pretending t’be the boss
    Durty chancer

    Don’t know why you’re so grumpy Soundings
    There’s not an anal gland being emptied in any of ’em

    Maybe you need a bitta ‘insert and squeeze’ yerself

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