42 thoughts on “Carriage Glock

  1. Clampers Outside!


    There are some amount of gullible gobshinners out there that buy this muck. I’ve seen better craftsmanship on a Taiwanese made statue of The Virgin Mary for 50c in Knock :)

    1. Speakeasy

      I hope I haven’t inadvertently given this shop free advertising which results in them selling the thing.

    2. B Hewson

      Luxury goods only for the SF Republicans.
      I believe there are also small replica JCBs for kids to re-enact digs for disappeared mothers €55 and table mats featuring the top diesel laundering heros from the border only €70. sooner SF get into govt the sooner they can sort this country out.

  2. Speakeasy

    I must put up another photo of the rest of the stuff that’s in the window. How are they allowed to sell it? Is it not incitement to commit violence?

  3. Manta Rae

    Is that a clock or a timer? Is it made of plastic? I wouldn’t be hangig around Parnell Street…

  4. Fair's fair, like

    I think without the fada it says “I will cum on the day”…maybe that isn’t a rifle either.

    1. RidersOnThe Storm

      Shinner spokesperson: Clear as day it represents our motto – A Ballot box in one hand and an Armal…….. ehhhh……., Glock…………fuggin’ fug it,………. clock in the other

  5. The Old Boy

    With something like this, it would be so easy to make it look cheap and tacky. But just look at her there.
    Pure class.

    1. One Dub

      Agreed, but there IS a market for this kinda stuff.
      I personally think it’s hideous, but I know several people who would make it the centerpiece on their mantelpiece. Or on top of their telly.

      Someone has to make this crap for them.

  6. Just sayin'

    If someone gave me a present bought in the Sin Féin shop and I could hear ticking from the box……

  7. Bacchus

    this stuff used to be made in prison workshops to raise money for more bullets and berets. Maybe it still is.

    1. One Dub

      You’re thinking of the wooly scarves and hats.

      This is craftmanship, seldom seen outside of the back page of your weekly TV-Guide.


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