Meanwhile, In Cork



Irish Examiner reports:

A former Fianna Fáil City Councillor in Cork is due in court shortly, charged with fraud offences. It is understood the man was arrested in the city earlier this morning.

Former FF City Councillor facing fraud charges (Irish Examiner)

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10 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Cork

  1. Disasta

    NEWSFLASH – Politician in Ireland is corrupt.

    Here’s a better one when it actually happens.

    NEWSFLASH – Politician in Ireland isn’t corrupt.

    (I would have used straight but then someone would have brought Varadkar into it so I’m killing 2 with 1 stone here. Or am I? Bollix.)

  2. Mé Féin

    At least he isn’t a Shinner. Can you imagine the weeks worth of media shite we’d have to listen to if it was?

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