HOT Power couple!

From the current issue of Village magazine.

Who knew?



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  1. My Daddy is bigger than Yours

    Seeing as he’s not out that’s a really hypocritical invasion of privacy there BS.

    so much for live and let live

    1. Sam

      True, it’s only newsworthy if there’s some conflict of interest, such as the guy doing a story on Varadkar or FG in general, (if they were more than just acquaintances at the time).

  2. smiler

    Why are people giving out about broadsheet, it was The Village that printed the story in the first place.

  3. ESV

    This piece was alluded to by a commenter yesterday. A response suggested that it was the subject of legal action.

    1. Leela2011

      Yeah, I guessed who it was from the commenter. Bad form posting and people alluding to who it is in comments.

    1. andyourpointiswhatexactly

      They do have quite a feisty relationship sometimes.
      I like Chris: I know he annoys people (and me sometimes) with his useless interviewing technique but he’s a nice guy.

        1. andyourpointiswhatexactly

          Chris Donoghue: I though you were saying Ivan and Chris were beaux. The story here is Chris and Leo are beaux. Les beaux. Lesbian. Which they are not.

          1. Je Suis Frilly Keane

            A ffs. Who’s Leo doing a line wi’
            Chris don’t know who he is
            Or Blueshirt Troll Ivan

          2. Je Suis Frilly Keane

            BTW I was going t’ask
            Who’s Leo jagging?

            But thought the BS sensitivity protocols mightn’t tolerate local lingo

          3. andyourpointiswhatexactly

            Chris is the new man-anchor on the UTV Ireland 10pm news show. He does the morning breakfast show on Newstalk too, with Ivan. I dunno when he meets Leo anymore as the guy works bonkers hours.

    1. Rep

      Miriam Lord said that a few papers were trying to find the info to out him. I assumed that it was tabloids trying to do it. For some reason, I did not expect it to be the village.

  4. DepthChargeEthel

    The spilling of this guy’s personal life and preferences is pure SPIN in its crassest form, FG know well what they’re doing; hanging out in Pantibar was merely Step 1 of their co-opting of a conservative with a Capital C gay lifestyle!! To try and contextualise this, I present some excerpts from an interesting review of the film Pride from
    The reviewer helpfully points out how “gays on the make were to become the hot pink shock troops of Thatcherite individualism. After all, no one believed in the power of money, shop­ping, and per­sonal rein­ven­tion more than they did. The “gay lifestyle” was to take off in the late ’80s, largely replacing gay politics in the ’90s and eventually becoming a straight aspiration.”
    Sounds right up FG’s alley, no?
    Another interesting point made in said review probably relates more directly to the UK as I am ignorant to how ideologically “left” the gay rights movement in Ireland actually is/was:
    “Pride is a timely reminder that the revolution in the way our society thinks about and treats gender and sexuality came from the left and its ideals of solidarity not just the atomising nature of consumerism and individualism. And certainly not by the design of our first woman Prime Minister with her “Victorian values.” Thatcher fan-boy David Cameron’s introduction of same sex marriage was intended as a rewriting of history, a brazen co-option of all the heavylifting victories for gay equality by the left in the previous years in the teeth of vehement opposition by his own “nasty party” and its many allies in the press. (And by him personally: only a decade ago Cameron voted twice against the repeal of Section 28 the second time in a free vote.)”
    Take note of this cynical rewriting of political beliefs and their celebration by our exceptionally conservative media. Certainly the majority of out Gays in the mainstream media “opinion” positions of note on this septic isle tend to be of the uber conservative bent (if you excuse the pun), including Leo’s alleged beau, Mullally et al…

      1. Atlas

        Strange, BS usually nukes the comments section when someone so much as alludes to dear Una’s sexuality. I guess it would be hypocritical for them to do that under a post outing someone.

        Fuppin’ hypocrites.

        1. Je Suis Frilly Keane

          Maybe she’s not high profile enough
          Or not in a fancy enough gig
          Or maybe she hadn’t a well known partner

          .. WTF
          It never occurred t’me to wonder about who she slow dances with
          Yet here I am

          Good work Fine Gays Ya Are
          Ye’ve changed the news cycle

          They’ll be a tribe of labourers coming out next time on Marian Miriam Ryan Brendan Joe what ever yer having yerself

          And we’ve walked into it

          1. rotide

            It never occured to me either. Not that I really care one way or another, but i was surprised it wasn’t mentioned considering the amount of column inches she gets around these parts. I guess that’s the comment nuking in action.

          2. Je Suis Frilly Keane

            Trolling at its supreme best
            And I think I’m qualified t’say so

            Since the New Year every form of media was drowning in hospital trollies and Polling numbers….

            And in the last 36 hours …. Fine Gays Ya Are s have taken the pot with just a pair of Queens

            And there was us laughing at Banotti and Jock and Enda’s nonsense about people thanking him

            Ückers have won this one

            The Labourers must be as sick as James’

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