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“The question of adoption is ignored in this Bill because it is contentious. Sooner or later, it will have to be addressed. Every child has a father and a mother. Two men or two women cannot have a child together. A single person cannot have a child on their own unless they procure the pre-products of conception from an alternative source.

This is an undeniable fact. Unfortunately, sometimes in children’s lives one of the parents is not interested in them or dies. Where a child is an orphan, the State should replace their mother and father. Every child has the right to a mother and father and, as much as is possible, the State should vindicate that right.

That is a much more important right than that of two men or women having a family. That is the principle that should underline our laws regarding children and adoption. I am also uncomfortable about adoption by single people regardless of their sexual orientation. I do not believe I as a single man should adopt a child. The child should go to parents, a mother and father, to replace what the child had before.

There are exceptions to every rule and difficult cases. There may be a case of where a man previously had a child from a heterosexual marriage, the mother is off the scene and he and his gay partner have now entered a civil partnership. That type of relationship will have to be recognised.

A similar situation may arise in respect of a lesbian woman who may have had a child for various reasons, later became involved in a same sex relationship which became a civil partnership and died and the only person the child knows as a parent is the other woman to whom he or she is not related by blood. That is an exception. These issues will have to be addressed. It is our duty as a Legislature and that of Government to address them.

I do not know what is the solution. It may be for the Adoption Board to determine particular exceptional cases like that while upholding the principle that every child has a mother and father and is entitled inasmuch as possible to same.”

Leo Varadkar speaking on the Civil Partnership Bill in January 2010.

(Leah Farrell/Photocall Ireland)

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44 thoughts on “Leo’s Family Values

  1. Wayne.F

    Not sure what the angle here is from BS Leo seems to be saying that children born to a traditional family and at a later stage requiring adoption, should where possible be placed in as similar an environment as they have been raised in as opposed to being adopted by an LGBT couple.

    He also states provision should be made for the same on relation to Children coming from
    LGBT backgrounds?

    We can hardly call him a homophobe, so perhaps he just genuinely believes that the natural occurring unit is the best one, but he certainly does not rule out or in any way state that an LGBT adoption should not occur, or that it is somehow and inferior family situation.

      1. Wayne.F

        Do explain? He is not denying the right of LGBT couples to adopt, he appears to be saying that, adoptions are best done in a way to match the relationship the child is used too

        1. Wayne.F

          I do, but he does not appear to be hiding or pretending to be one thing while being another.

          He appears to be expressing a belief, and stating that children being adopted should be kept on the environment they have been so far exposed to be it a LGBT relationship or a Male Female partnership

          1. Llareggub

            Sensible comment. I am getting so tired of people screaming ‘homophobe’ when other people’s opinions don’t suit their agendas. It’s so ridiculous. Disagreeing with gay people does not mean a you hate them. It just means you have a different opinion.

      2. newsjustin

        @Soundings – a hypocrite because he doesn’t toe the “party line” when it comes to the “right” views homosexual people should have regarding parenting?

        G’way out of that.

      3. sickofallthisbs

        Or, SHOCK, HORROR! His views don’t ape the majority of the LGBT community; but for some reason BS and BS commenters can’t accept something simple like divergent views.

    1. Mayor Quimby

      it’s the usual Broadsheet angle – if you don’t agree with us you’re, like, a total bigot,.

      Nothing as illiberal as a “liberal” it seems

  2. Je Suis Frilly Keane

    This, no doubt, is the first of many episodes of Leo the Hyppo.

    Hope yere all fighting fit.

    1. Medium Sized C

      So, you are saying, along with anyone else who calls him a hypocrit, that if he doesn’t support adoption equality he is a hypocrit for being gay?
      Is the intimation that he should be straight if he doesn’t support parity of adoption rights for gay couples?

      1. Je Suis Frilly Keane

        There is absolutely no sense, none, is promoting Marriage Equality with conditions denying full adoption rights. Or anything else

        This archive is only further proof that all Leo the Hyppo wants is camera time

        Even his coming out was a planned orchestrated screen grab of Him

        He’s pathetic
        He’s a flake
        And he’ll tog out for any side that shines a light on Him

        The gay community would do well to remember in the coming months that they can’t rely on Him sticking it out or stepping it up

        In football terms he’d be known as a windy hoor

  3. Llareggub

    He said what he said and what he said was valid. Just because he’s gay doesn’t mean he didn’t mean what he said or that it wasn’t said in sincerity.

    Being gay does not mean that you must agree with everything other gay people believe in.

    1. Disasta

      You sure? I thought “they” all had the same type of brain and therefore exactly the same thoughts.

  4. Jane

    This is one of those areas where dogma conflicts with reality. Gay people have children by natural means all the time, and unless you’re going to create a dystopian nightmare, you really can’t prevent or regulate that. It would be horrendous.
    I understand that some people believe this is no reason for the state to sanction adoption by gay couples, but personally I think the refusal is an inability to see life – and families – as they are. Not least because this prejudice in favour of different sex couples is really based on little more than this-is-what-I-reckonry and appears to be contradicted by the actual experience of children who group up in same sex parented families.
    Of course, the question of adoption is a different one to what we generally think – there are very few babies available for adoption in comparison to the number of people who want to adopt, so the question of baby adoption for same sex couples really is normally one of one partner wishing to adpot their partner’s biological children. Since this formalises an already exisitng situation, I fail to see the problem.

  5. Grouse

    On the radio on Sunday he said he only really knew he was gay “a year or two ago”. The above may still be his position, or he may be finding himself going through some adjusted thinking.

  6. Just sayin'

    I see someone is trawling through every statement Leo ever made to highlight any contradictions with his new status. Honestly, why would anyone go into politics when there are so many people waiting to attack and destroy you?

    1. Gavin

      Not that I care either way about Leos coming out but what would you suggest. That we dont hold politicians to account for what they have said/promised/agreed

    2. ollie

      attack and destroy? get a grip ffs, his position regarding the family are infinitely more important than his sexuality.

  7. ollie

    so his timing of his big announcement gets more and more suspicious. by the way I agree with him 100% regarding adoption and parenthood.

  8. bob

    Wow. I thought that was a parody building towards more and more ridiculous scenarios for finding mothers and fathers for all children.

    And then I got to the end. WOW!

  9. Dubloony

    I thought there was legislation going through at the moment to address all this prior to the referendum?

    1. newsjustin

      20 weeks to the referendum and the Government still haven’t finalised it. They’re doing the Yes side a HUGE disservice – people aren’t buying the “they’re two completely separate issues” anymore.

  10. Sancho

    What if a parent can’t handle raising a child and puts the child up for adoption or in a foster home? Are we saying that a kid is better off in a foster home than being adopted by two gay people? I get that it would most likely be better that the kid is brought up by his/her parents but when that’s not possible or available are we really saying a foster home trumps a loving, caring gay couple? Much like with abortion, people say “No” in their best Ian Paisley way while refusing to debate the nuances and engage in a real life, day to day realities debate based on the consequences for children of the refusal to allow adoption by gay people. While pretending to care about the children, they put their prejudices first and say “Ah sure it’ll be grand. Someone will take care of them.” But hey, let’s have an ideological debate because none of us will have to be adopted, so really, who gives a sh*t?! If you hate gay people, this is the stick with which to beat them!

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