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mark dennehy

Mark Dennehy

Further to anger at proposed restrictions for licensed firearm owners  –  farmers, hunters, paintballers, vets and sportspeople , all of whom are already vetted and signed off by the Gardai…

Sporting gunman Mark Dennehy writes:

So, you might remember this? And this? And then the kick in the teeth that was this? Well, after that, I and over 200 other shooters and the sports governing bodies and other representative groups sent in submissions to the Committee about the proposals (this was apparently quite a bit more than was expected). I was one of those asked to come in and talk to the Joint Committee about my submission.

So today thirteen of us will be appearing in front of the Joint Committee [on justice defence and equality]. My submission is here in case you want to read it

It’s not quite an end to the story, but I don’t remember this many from the sporting side of things being able to speak to the powers that be in quite this way before. And it’s a side to firearms in Ireland that I don’t think many people in the general public *ever* get to see.


Watch proceedings live here

49 thoughts on “Ask Questions Later

    1. Spartacus

      Think you’ll find he’s saving it for the Oireachtas committee. Boards is just an echo chamber for knobbers.

      1. Medium Sized C

        “Unlike my choice of online comment forum, named other forum is an echo chamber full of people I do not agree with. Me.”

        1. Spartacus

          Resident bore is as predictable as ever, I see. There must be a suitably lowbrow topic elsewhere needing your urgent attention and valued opinion?

        1. Mikeyfex

          That reminds me of a great gag from The Office (US)

          Dwight was the holder of both the spare key and the master key for the office and Pam, in trying to convince him to hand one over, asked him what happens if he dies and they get locked out, to which he replied: “If I’m dead that means you’ve all already been dead for a fortnight”

  1. Bobby Rwanda

    Anything that tightens restrictions on the ownership of weapons that are almost exclusively designed to kill is a positive step. Balancing the right of firearms enthusiasts to own and operate them against the rights of others to safety and bodily integrity is a no-brainer.

    1. Richard Bionicle

      The gun laws in this country are the most draconian in Europe and are probably some of the strictest in the world. This keeps us safe because the criminals who import loads of guns into the country with drugs obey OH FECK THEY DON’T QUICKLY MORE RESTRICTIONS ON TINY TARGET RIFLES

    2. Mark Dennehy

      Let me guess – you don’t know we have the most restrictive firearms law in the EU. And you don’t know the details of that law. But you’ve seen Taken and guns are scary things used by Liam Neeson to compensate for poor parenting skills, right?

      Please, go read the law, watch the presentations. You’re worried over a fiction.

          1. Medium Sized C

            You want someone to read something longer than a blog comment before making up their mind about a complex issue?


      1. Paolo

        I don’t care if you want to play guns with your pals. We have pretty “draconian” laws about pedos and murderers too. If the laws are relaxed you will just push them further. Grow up and take up a real hobby.

  2. Gavin

    Its my first reading of the fire arms issue and legislation but it seems like the laws already exist and do the job of controlling licensed firearms effectively. It would appear people are sensationalising the issue and confusing exactly what weapons are and are not legal . I mean you have one member of the committee (Labour deputy Sean Kenny) bringing up shootings in Pakistan and also seems to be completely misinformed as to what types of weapons he’s discussing when he starts referring to assault rifles, which are illegal.

  3. erm...

    This seems to me to be very like the case for legalising marijuana. The minority of folk who feel it’s acceptable cite a history of peaceful use & benefits but ignore the likelihood of it acting as a gateway to more serious use. One day you’re going to pop some pellets at a target, next week you’re replacing the target with a picture of Ryan Tubridy, next week you’re on Silkroad buying a high powered sniper rifle, then you’re campy on the grassy knoll outside RTE of a Friday evening.

    The only solution for me would be for the tools that target shooters use to be reclassified so as they are not considered guns. I suggest ‘bangpoppers’ or ‘ballbusters’ but I’d be happy for the debate to be had & am willing to meet with whomever necessary to discuss future naming rights.

    1. sickofallthisbs

      Ah I am sure it is tremendous fun shooting at people. Ask Mark Dennehy there for the impassioned speech about it.

  4. Zuppy International

    We should all get guns to protect ourselves from those Blueshirt robber barons. Let’s see Irish Wasters try and impose water meters on an armed population.

    1. gertrude

      such wasted talent, for all our sakes, knock your drug consumption on the head. you could have been taoiseach.

  5. Bacchus

    “Further to anger at proposed restrictions for licensed firearm owners” – the anger is all yours Hopalong. The rest of us who grew out of playing with toy guns a long time ago like the laws they way they are but would like to see more duct tape used on spokesmen for the shooting lobby.

        1. Bacchus

          No it was the post where I quoted your furious anger and indignation…. I won’t be pointing a fat finger at anyone anytime soon…

    1. Kieran NYC

      Well done, Mark.

      I applaud someone who gets involved in the democratic process over a cause he/she believes in. Whether I agree with them or not.

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