Cindy Clawford




One eyed optimist.

ISPCA writes:

Cindy Clawford is one of a group of cats that were rescued from horrendous conditions by a member of our Inspectorate. The cats had been locked in an abandoned property and left to starve. By the time our Inspector was alerted to the case most of the cats were emaciated, almost skeletal. Several of the cats, Cindy Clawford included, were extremely nervous of people when they arrived and in the cattery they were very stressed during their stay.

Cindy has since transformed into a different cat. She is affectionate and friendly, loves to be cuddled and stroked and will now make a fantastic pet. The difference in her is unbelievable and just goes to show that many nervous cats can turn into delightful pets once they have settled into a new home.

Since Cindy has come on in leaps and bounds we are looking for a home for her. If you think you could give her the fantastic home she deserves please contact the National Animal Centre in Longford on 043 33 25035 or email You can also find her on our website [below]


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8 thoughts on “Cindy Clawford

  1. ABM

    Poor cats.

    Cats are resilient creatures – unlike humans and elephants, they have short memories and get back to normal quickly without too much permanent emotional damage. Though this has its downside too – a cat will forget about its master after 24 hours. A dog will yearn after his master for weeks.

    1. littlefirecode

      “…a cat will forget about its master after 24 hours”

      A cats short-term memory is estimated at lasting 16 hours (compared to a dog at only 5 minutes). In regards long-term memory ability, it has been shown it lasts for years (but is variable just like adult humans). It’s capacity is limited (it will only remember a small collection of people or places for that length of time), but very powerful. The most accepted theory about how they remember things is called neural combination theory.

      On two separate occasions, with 2 different cats, after a lengthy holiday I’ve witnessed their memory ability myself – all I’ll say is I got a great welcome home! One wouldn’t leave my side for 2 days – he must have been afraid I’d go again! Truly wonderful creatures.

      Wishing Cindy Clawford a very happy life.

      1. les rock

        I am in the same boat. I go away every summer for 2 and a half weeks. When i come home, as soon as my voice is heard, he goes bananas. He doesn’t leave my side for days. Curls up on top me, follows me everywhere

  2. Starina

    what a sweetie! Reminds me of my cats. A cat this affectionate is incredibly rewarding to have as a companion — they’re always happy when you come home and want to be involved in everything they see you doing…a bit like a tiny dog, minus the barking and drooling. (I love dogs, for the record)

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