Taming Of The Shrew


walford‘Walford’, Shrewsbury Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4


Walford, Shresbury  Road, was purchased by Sean Dunne and Gayle Killilea for €58 million in 2006.

Their plan was to build four more properties out the back and triple their money. Or something.

But that was then.

…In its decision refusing permission for the entire development, the board described Walford as an example of the ‘Arts and Crafts’ style from the early 20th century and Shrewsbury Road as being of unique character in Dublin city.

It said development in the garden would interfere with the historic design of the house and its parkland setting.

Planning consultant Dr Diarmuid Ó Gráda, who acted for one of the objectors, said it was a sophisticated decision that looked at the whole streetscape.

“It’s an important decision for the culture and heritage of Dublin,” he said.




Redevelopment of Ireland’s most expensive house refused (RTÉ)


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17 thoughts on “Taming Of The Shrew

    1. mano

      Why exactly? seems nothing more than begrudgery on account of the planners. Theres a lot of space there, its off the road, and its close to the city, there should be no issue developing there, that land is a premunim because it is so underdeveloped.

      It’s shocking actually, complete biased decision with zero, and i mean absolutely no regard for good planning.

  1. rotide


    Paying 58m for that property is obscene and shows how insane everyone was at that time. Consider for one moment what 58 million euro would get you anywhere else in the world and it is beyond the imagination how that property was valued at that.

    1. scottser

      dunne still had his debts covered by the taxpayer and his assets protected from the revenue. by rights, that property should belong to the state.

      1. martco


        I say give it to Peter McVerry along with some modest funds for redevelopment

        (be interesting to see the objectors logic then wouldn’t it?)

    2. peterandrefan44

      you hit the nail there, but he was particularly insane imo. how did he think he could make any kind of profit? sell the four new houses for €15-20 mill each even at then that was bonkers

  2. Disasta

    So he does want to ruin an area of large properties by building all over that one?
    No wonder neighbours object.

    Pretty common these days people diluting the quality of property in an area by cramming another building onto their own site.

  3. Mr. T.


    Tacky tasteless twits can go build their rubbish elsewhere.

    Much rather see a rich family who know the value of serious gardening living there.

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