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Yesterday: Iona Obsession


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42 thoughts on “After Sport

  1. Drogg

    Breda seems to have great off air chats with all these people she try’s to deny equality too. I wonder is she just an attention seeker?

    1. Rob_G

      I would say it’s hard on her – she doesn’t come across as a bad person, and is not without empathy, but her blindly-following the positions that her church adopts puts her in the position of denying equal rights to people she would otherwise probably get along very well with.

      Sad, really.

  2. Wayne.F

    Does she have to pay RTE for room and board She seems to live there? Also shouldn’t RTE introduce her as being from a self appointed charity?

  3. Mick Flavin

    Sky One 9pm
    Lie To Me.

    A psychologist/body language expert (Tim Roth) is stumped when tasked with discovering the motives for a teacher’s obsession with the private lives of other consenting adults.

  4. bisted

    …no wonder Breda is laughing when she gets pitched against lightweights like Hannigan…and gets paid for it. Best little country in the world to be a contrarian.

    1. Drogg

      I thought he did very well and put Breda in her place more then once. I suppose it wasn’t hard with some of the crap she came out with like this will lead to mother and daughter marriages.

          1. newsjustin

            She didn’t Drogg. She responded to a query from the host re a grandmother and daughter raising a child together being comparable with a lesbian couple by asking the host if she thought that the grandmother and daughter should be allowed to marry.

            At no time did she say that “this will lead to mother and daughter marriages.” as you claim she did. What you’re saying is, quite simply, a lie Drogg.

          2. Drogg

            To quote Breda “Do you think we should change the Constitution to allow grandmothers and their daughters to marry?,” so compairing same sex marriage to incestual marriage.

          3. newsjustin

            So you agree that she never said “this will lead to mother daughter marriages”, as you claimed. You made that up.

            And she certainly wasn’t comparing a lesbian marriage to a mother-daughter marriage. It was entirely the RTE host who was persistently making that comparison.

            If we call for an honest and respectful debate, we should at least be honest ourselves, eh Drogg?

          4. Drogg

            Her comment is quite straight forward, she is saying that if we are allowing for same sex marriage we might as well allow for grandmother and daughter marriage. So in my eyes thats Breda saying gay marriage will lead to incestual marriage.

          5. newsjustin

            That’s absolutely not what she said, or what her remarks could reasonably interpreted to mean Drogg.

            Nor, as it happens, is it what you accused her of saying in the first place Drogg!!

          6. Drogg

            You’re getting very shouty there, are you ok? Do you need an aspirin for that blood pressure?

            Well if thats not what her remarks could be interpreted to mean then how come myself and most of the media outlets in the country interpreted her remarks that way?

          7. Medium Sized C

            In fairness Drogg, she didn’t actually say it.

            You and most of the media are actually misrepresenting what she said.
            Which is pretty frickin common in the media these days.

            Not to disagree with your broader suggestion that she is an ignorant intolerant homophobic hag, I’m totally on your side there, but this is really nothing like her at her worst.

          8. Clampers Outside!

            In fairness, whether she said it this time or not is neither here nor there, the Iona crowd have alluded to incestuous type relations in this debate before and in their literature.

            So, I’m with Drogg.

            I’ll agree though, she may not have said it exactly like that, but the fact she was able to get it said, get it out there, and allude to it, (not being lead on by the presenter), you can be sure her hardcore fanatic fans will be repeating it.

          9. bisted

            …the old ‘let’s hear them deny it’ tactic…Iona seem to be getting more than funding from the yanks…

  5. Breda

    Where would we be if everyone got to live the lives they wanted to!? People would be shaggin all around me. Urgh. No it just can’t be!

  6. Buzz

    Is this what Breda O’Brien is doing with her strike day. Shouldn’t she be picketing not spouting nonsense on radio. Strikes me as a total attention whOre.

  7. Jane

    I’m still waiting for someone to explain how her church’s respect for the family and the scandal of the Magdalen Laundries stacks up. After all, they did sell – that’s sell – the children of women they incarcerated in labour camps and then frustrate any attempt for the mothers or children to get back in contact..

    I just can’t imagine what the gays could do that would show less respect for the sanctity of the parent-child bond than forcibly seperating mothers from their infants. I can’t imagine how they could have demonstrated less respect for the rights of children to their parents.

    But nobody ever asks her and she gets to rattle on about this stuff and her religious principles when we all know what the principles of that religion are worth.

    If Catholics had any self awareness at all (and they don’t), surely they’d realise that stepping into the realm of trying to get involved in social policy isn’t really their bag because every single time they do they cause untold misery to so many.

    1. selfie Sensation

      We all know Single Parents and their Kids aren’t real families so there is no conflict for the church in supporting real families (ie people with mismatched genitalia and a special piece of paper) on the one hand and flogging off the children of the various wanton types who ended up in the laundries washing the bishop’s (and the States’) sheets for the rest of their lives.

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