Is She Yours?




She likes to weave.

Mog Kavanagh‎ writes:

I know you don’t normally do this but my housemate found this little Jack Russell weaving in and out of traffic in Stoneybatter [Dublin 7). Took her to the vet, no collar, no microchip. Would love a bit of help reuniting her with her owner!



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11 thoughts on “Is She Yours?

  1. Draxx Ltd II

    Nice dog. If I saw a dog wondering around I wouldn’t take it to a vet. Just leave it be. Would it not have more chance of finding its way home if left uninterrupted?
    Anyways hope she gets found, looks lovely.

    1. Soundings

      If a dog is weaving in and out of traffic, it was generous of Mog’s housemate to do the decent thing and pick it up, otherwise it might be spending the night in doggy heaven. After checking for collar tags, next stop is vet to see if there’s a microchip. Next stop, what have you. BS, Twitter, Gardai. Good luck with finding its owner, hope you get a bloody great reward!

  2. Sheila

    Ah. Hope she finds her way home.

    Lors lost dog page on Facebook has a great track record. If anyone is looking for her online, there’s a good chance they’ll try that page.

  3. alex lyons

    depends where it stoneybatter it was, theres two that live in beside O’Devaney Gardens off Infirmary road and owners let them wander during day (shamefully). Theres another one thats been in and around Phoneix Park/NCR a few times. Theres about 3 or 4 Jack Russells in the area owned by junkies and they wander about. Probably best for the dog if you keep it or rehome it so someone can actually look after it properly

    1. Soundings

      True, you do see small dogs and in that one case, a rabbit, as props for begging in the city centre. This one looks very young though, maybe six months old (anyone more expert on Jack Russells care to comment), so it could be anyone’s, possibly a Christmas present that the owner is still learning to properly care for. Who knows, hope conquers all, and all that.

  4. Kasement

    Looks a lot like one I’ve seen on Murtagh Road / Harold Road, could be worth bringing him for a walk and knocking into afew houses around there

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