Still Paying The Penalty


Screen-Shot-2014-05-20-at-09.44.521-1024x616Taoiseach Enda Kenny meets Sgt Maurice McCabe in Mullingar, Co Westmeath during the local and European elections last May

Further to revelations this morning by the Garda Professional Standards Unit (GPSU) of evidence of fresh penalty points quashing by gardai…

The GPSU’s investigation was carried out on the foot of claims last year by Sgt Maurice McCabe that some officers were continuing to cancel penalty points for colleagues, friends and relations.

Fianna Fáil’s John McGuinness – chairman of the Public Accounts Committee – said at the time:

I am deeply concerned that Maurice will be targeted again. We need a guarantee that he will not be punished again in any way for trying to do his job and helping to improve our police force.”

Further to this, we understand (from an informed Garda source), Sgt McCabe has not been able to attend work for the last two weeks due apparently to “sustained pressure” as a result of his reporting of wrongdoing within the gardaí.

UPDATE: This (above crossed out) is incorrect. We are sorry.

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12 thoughts on “Still Paying The Penalty

  1. Soundings

    What exactly does “sustained pressure” mean? Are people just cold-shouldering him? Or are they back to their old tricks of hanging rats off door handles, and suchlike.

    The man probably just wants to get back to work and not attract any more publicity, but it looks like he will never have any peace until the police properly with whistleblowers, and not treat them like disloyal enemies within.

    1. Dubloony

      A whispering campaign can do a lot of damage, it doesn’t have to be in your face.
      He did the right thing but that doesn’t matter in an organisation like that. In their minds, he ratted people out and can’t be trusted.
      Whistle blowers rarely stay on long in their organisation and frequently have to move careers entirely.

      He has won the war but lost the battle, for his own sake he maybe should look at alternatives.

  2. Mr. T.

    Fine Gael are political opportunists. Anything for a quick bit of PR.

    What’s happened to Mairia Cahill? They dropped her as soon as they realized it didn’t help their ratings one bit and in fact, it has back fired on them big time. They didn’t do their homework there at all and were made look like fools.

    1. Chris

      Correct her bottom hadn’t even begun to warm her new seat when she chucked this out, just the old guard (pun intended!) dressed up as the new guard. Still I don’t know why we think this is an inherently Irish phenomenon, in the UK they regularly jail whistleblowers and are considering tough legislation like the US and Australia that give blanket powers and heavy jail sentences against journalists, civilians or conscripts who release details on police and armed forces.

      1. Chris

        OMG! They edited my post, the word ‘****’ has been changed to ‘bottom’. ‘bottom’, ffs broadsheet, do I strike you as the type that would say ‘bottom’ even ‘****’ would have been ok but ‘bottom’, argh! People will think I say ‘bottom’ when I mean ‘****’ my credibility lies in ruin. Thanks guys, thanks for nothing. Where is the line drawn?? Can I even say ‘***’?!

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