When You’re Young And In Dub


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‘Young Dubliners’.

A project by photographer Daragh Soden (a Le Cool Dublin cover veteran).

Shot last Summer.

Damn sun-bathed moody tykes with more sophisticated hairstyling/dentistry than what we had.

But fewer prospects.


*sucks cavity”

Young Dubliners by Daragh Snoden (TripMag)

Thanks Ciaran

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24 thoughts on “When You’re Young And In Dub

  1. Healy Rae's love child.

    What is it with middle-class hipsters photographing and the working class? It’s a fecked up type of anthropology. Why don’t they photograph themselves.

    1. Rep

      Is it the fact that he is a photographer that makes you assume that he is middle class? No ‘working class’ people can be photographers?

      1. Healy Rae's love child.

        No, the fact that I know who the photographer is and have met him. Of course the working class can be photographers, are you simple?

        1. Rep

          No, I just assumed you didn’t know him and were acting like a dick which your follow up confirmed that though you did know him, you are a dick. Cheers.

          1. Soundings

            Haircuts, chubbines, clothes, just the look of them really.

            Middle class kids would be more wary of strangers photographing them (“who’d own the copyright mister?”).

  2. jade

    These are great. They look like the classic photos you see from the 50’s on the beach in Coney Island or somwhere.

  3. ahyeah

    4th down – wonder did it ever work for the lad in the red shorts, clutching the base of his water bottle at crotch level, while lost for a moment in her smile.

  4. Disgraced Former Minister Frilly Mickie Keane

    I think they’re all lovely pics.

    Especially the day out at the seaside one

    Thanks for hosting them BS.

  5. Gerry Johns

    Very valid point from Healy Rae’s Love Child.

    Typically fudged by Rep and Clampers Outside.

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