De Thursday Papers



MORE to folly.

Thanks Neil Henderson (UK covers); Enda Bolger (The irish Sun) Dermoth Ahern (The irish Examiner); Mark Moloney (An Phoblacht); Brian Oliver (The Irish Times); Meliosa Fitzgibbon (The Irish Daily Mail).

Covers to



Headline of the day.

Clare People.

Thanks Colin McGann

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10 thoughts on “De Thursday Papers

  1. Kieran NYC

    Great idea to include the Business sections.

    Should I presume the aul fella with the pint in the corner of The Spectator is supposed to be Irish?

    1. Shockabilly

      That’s what I was wondering. Could they not have dressed him up in a leprechaun outfit…or better still fo the whole hog and use one of those 19th century simian cartoons.

    2. Soundings

      Cheek of them – we should all boycott Littlewoods (Octogenarian space cadets Dave and Freddie Barclay own Spectator, Telegraph, Littlewoods and some B&Bs in London)

    1. One Dub

      A semblance of editorial independence?

      Agreed, but only if you read them, (and them only) for too long.

      1. One Dub

        C’mon, you have to laugh at An Phoblacht’s €2 / £2 price-tag for a start.
        It’s the funniest paper here today.

    2. Soundings

      From wiki “An Phoblacht … is a monthly 32-page newspaper”

      32-page? One for each county?

      Sells 15,000 copies a month, that’s the same as the Phoenix sells a fortnight and is half the lowest estimate of public sector workers who will lose their jobs in Northern Ireland as a result of the recent Stormont House Agreement (20,000 out of 220,000 to lose their jobs under the existing budget and 10-20,000 additional to lose their jobs with the devolution of corporation tax setting powers). SF says all the redundancies will be voluntary. So, that’s alright then.

  2. Al Katraz

    Glad the Mail’s feature about men who cheat on their pregnant wives is in a 16-page PULLOUT. (I’ll get me coat…)

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