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Konrad Wimmel Is In Town! – a joyful composite photoseries by German photographer  Jan Von Holleben who shoots his subjects from above as they pose sideways on the floor of his studio. I

It’s a technique that’s been well explored by the likes of Matej Pelijhan and others but Holleben – some of whose images feature up to 5000 individual photographs – takes it to a whole new L.S Lowry-esque level.


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10 thoughts on “Kidscapes

  1. Caroline

    Lovely. Just need one final one depicting them throwing their coats on the floor and burying their heads in one of those Nintendo machines.

    1. Clampers Outside!

      I once spent a whole math class under all the coats down the back of the room.

      I was in 2nd year in Secondary School…. probably shoulda been in high-infants with that carry on :)

      1. Caroline

        Mmm, nothing more deliciously soporific than a warm stuffy classroom after lunch with some winter sunshine streaming in. Heap of coats hardly necessary.

        (I’m not a teacher, I swear.)

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