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  1. Dubloony

    Greece is going to be an interesting political experience.
    The austerity in this country is nothing compared to what has happened there.

    If both Greece and IMF/ECB dig in their heels, Greece will have no money come February (I think) If they say they will not pay, then they won’t be able to borrow any more. They will be into Argentina back-to-barter economy after that. Main parties here will say I told you so.

    If there is a debt write off, then every other country that got a bail out, will go “where;s ours”. and Paul Murphy / Ming / TLAs will say I told you so.

    Its obvious that Greece needs help, 300bn is just unsustainable and the effect on their society so far has been devastating.

    1. Siju Cat

      They only two options I can see are both austerity. Austerity for the ECB and IMF or austerity as part of a move away from EU. The first option they take all the pain and no bankers suffer. Second option is to sharing of the pain – Greek people suffer but also ECB and banks. I know which one I would go for, After those years of that distasteful medicine I would like to others feel it too! Either way they wont be in great shape at the end of the process but with the second option they can at least say we gave as good as we got.

      1. Dubloony

        Problem is, if ECB feels it, so does whole of eurozone.
        Ireland is owed 350mill by Greece. Are we going to write that off for Greece in return for hoping someone else is nice and writes off ours debt to them?

        Humanity needs to be injected into the whole process.

    2. Just sayin'

      Maybe if the Greeks hadn’t deceived. lied and cheated their way into the euro they wouldn’t be where they are now. The extent of public sector inefficiency and over-staffing was/is incredible. Every party in government hired hundreds, even thousands of its supporters as public servants.

      They are, in the main, responsible for their own plight, just as we’re mostly responsible for our own.

      1. italia'90

        Just how many troll accounts have you got?
        You’re making the same punctuation mistakes in most of your posts and it’s too easy to spot you…Just Sayin’/Jock/Banotti/Bluebeard/Bob etc. etc.

      2. cormacjones

        Anyone with a cursory knowledge of the accession of Greece knows that while the lied (aided and abetted by Goldman Sachs by the way) the EU/ECB knew at the time that they were giving bogus figures. They wanted Greece in the Union so they let it slide. .

  2. Just sayin'

    You’re on the fringe Ming, and now you’re anonymous in Brussels and Strasbourg, you’ll probably stay there.

  3. Truth in the News

    Should Greece decide not to honour their 350 million debt to
    Ireland and have their own halved even wrote off what will be
    the positions of Noonan, Kenny and Burton be, will they not
    look like a bunch of clowns…..why is the ECB printing and issuing
    60 Billion per month, its in anticipation of what……?

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