48 thoughts on “*shudder*

    1. Lan

      Noo….How dare he interact with other humans with anything other than detached condensation.

      Haughey wouldnt let the common man touch him I tell ya

          1. McKay

            Well Enda (Electronically Naive Droid Apparatus) has been replaced several times since this unit was launched. The last pure ‘mecha’ version suffered a cataclysmic systems failure when Sarkosy accidentally ripped the back of the unit’s head off at an EU summit. Chaos ensued as the unit self-terminated due to a conflict between it’s electoral promises and kissing up to the Troika. Sadly nothing could be saved of this model so now the new Enda is birthed in a chamber located behind the Dail Bar. Like the Cylons in the revamped BSG. Saves on rebuilding costs.

  1. Ultach

    Silage, dung, blue stratos, lilac shirts (recte, shurts), pints of Harp, banter, ruddy cheeks, loosened ties, straining belts – the Irish rural male at play.

    1. Frilly Keane

      No string belts
      Cracked Wellies
      Turf filled finger nails
      Pockets filled with Sheep Nuts
      Bottles of warm stout

      A c’mon Ultit
      If you’re going there at least go in style

      1. sheikhyabooti

        You forgot boxes of 20 Major and Ford Cortinas with ball hitches and a calf nuts bag on the front seat for the collie…

        1. Bingo

          Boots that can’t close unless baling twine is tied from boot to ball hitches.
          And one door a different colour to the other three.
          Opel Kadett. Class.

          1. Frilly Keane

            With Fence Posts on the boot with the hurleys
            Old election posters in the back seat with the empty packs of Carrolls
            And an “I follow Tweed” sticker

      1. Ultach

        So, the nine counties? What’s the non-Ulster equivalent for Harp? My expertise geographically limited.

    1. Ultach

      It looks like falsy howerya yaboyoya hupdahyardwitya bomhomie that makes me a wee bit cringy. It’s like his politician’s brain is computing that culchies have been detected in the immediate area and I need to rural it up like me da would do wid de constituents on market day way beck in de sheventies. But if it works for him fair play, de boul wan he is.

    2. mauriac

      was baconsandwichgate just due to him eating it badly or was there a Jewish politician eating or being advised to eat bacon subtext ?

      1. Mick Flavin

        Are you implying that he’s such a considerate lover that he’s only ever witnessed a female orgasm?

  2. Drogg

    A lot of farmers are moving away from the IFA as it is as equally corrupt organisation as the government itself. There is a new farmer lead organisation being set up and there is about 2000 farms already signed up to support It instead of the IFA so stick that up yer hoop enda.

    1. Kieran NYC

      Not a bad idea.

      As an aside – as a farmer spends ridiculous hours all day every day working very hard outside (and they do), how come so many of them are so fat?

      1. Drogg

        Most drink, very few do cardio after the age of thirty and a diet that relies on heavy carbs in every meal. In saying that though i know some farmers who are very skinny. I think farmers waste sizes work like the rhyme in fantastic mr fox “Boggis, Bunce, and Bean
        One fat, one short, one lean!”

  3. phil

    No we farmers suffer enough work every xmas easter weekends even on days we bury someone if thats not hard enough paid water rates and accounts for years wade through hours of paper work from Europe have to have of farm jobs as well make money ffor Ireland and then Enda Kenny on top ask those evicted from farm after being encourage to borrow by banks before bubble burst for improvements to farms builders held assets some young farmers not so smart

  4. Truth in the News

    Perhaps the Kenny was there to congratulate the IFA for the submission
    they made to Dept of the Environment in July 1999 to introduce water
    charges “expecdiciously” …..surely Kenny has to have wind of it by now
    even if it took him 15 odd years to find out.

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