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This morning.

Leon writes:

The Chinese New Year committee came out to Temple Bar and the Millenium Bridge to launch the Chinese New Year Festival 2015,  ‘The year of the Sheep’ with sheeps and sheep sculptures. The Festival will take place in Dublin from February 8-14 For Festival information seelink below or follow or Twitter (@dcnyf) for regular updates.

From top: Dublin Lord Mayor Christy Burke and Luke Wang (age 7), along with Amy Yin Zhang; Luke and Amy with friend; Luke; from left: Fiona Hughes, Niamh O’Hare and Aine Roddy; Unidentified dog owner.

Chinese New Year in Ireland (Cny.ie)

(Leon Farrell/Photocall Ireland)

23 thoughts on “Wake Up Sheeple

    1. Mani

      I think there presence here might be more than a tacit acknowledgment of their disapproval of the Chinese government policy. You utter tit rifle.

    1. Dubloony

      Your point being?
      Dublin mayor has the ceremonial role for 1 year.
      He’s first citizen of a city that contains many people from different places who now call Dublin home.

        1. Dubloony

          The chain of office for Dublin Mayor, dating back couple of hundred years. yeah, ok, got you now….

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