Accommodation comprises of just the one room to include kitchen and bed and bathroom. This is a real opportunity to get an excellent location in Galway City Centre in a clean well maintained complex


Mary Street, Galway (Daft)

Thanks Ferg

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42 thoughts on “Memory Foam

    1. scottser

      it’s barely legal. it has a separate bathroom and adequate storage. there’s a window instead of an extractor fan and if it has it’s own meter then, yep, it’s legal. i think.

        1. scottser

          yeah, i was a bit concerned by that meself. if the bathroom is boxed off then you’re grand, and it looks like it is – just about. there doesn’t seem to be a bathroom door though. i mean, you could live there, if you had to..

    2. munkifisht

      Yea, I am quite sure Irish law states that there needs to be two doors between the food preparation area and toilet facilities.

      1. Ms Piggy

        This, yes. The rest of it is barely legal (it shouldn’t be legal to have a bed effectively in a kitchen, but I fear it is), but I also understood you had to have 2 closing doors between a toilet and a kitchen. Anyone who really knows this stuff?

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