New York, Becalmed


viviennegucwa01 viviennegucwa12 viviennegucwa11 viviennegucwa09 viviennegucwa08 viviennegucwa07 viviennegucwa05
Photographer and native New Yorker Vivienne Gucwa’s images of an eerily depopulated Big Apple during the much-hyped but ultimately uneventful non-blizzard earlier this week when all vehicles except snow ploughs and emergency vehicles were banned from the streets.


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6 thoughts on “New York, Becalmed

  1. realPolithicks

    All the snow that missed NY came north to Massachusetts. My town got a good 24 inches of snow and some towns got close to 40 inches. More snow tomorrow and on Sunday, fun stuff.

  2. Kieran NYC

    Still managed to get a day off work because of it. Apparently loads of people decided to spend the day with Tinder ‘friends’.

    Bless technology!

    1. Ms Piggy

      I heard something similar happened during the big government shut-down in the US a couple of years ago. Lots of Craig’s List ads for shut down sex :-)

    1. btbarhum

      I’m in that hotel right now .. Second last photo .. It’s snowing again .. Wifi is crap in NY .. Wonder is it better in York?

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