Beech Road, Bray, Co Wicklow.

Dropping 45g like a Mack Daddy.

But why?


 Beach Road, Bray (DAFT)




it’s hit Rockbarton.

15 Rockbarton Court, Salthill, Co. Galway (Daft)

Thanks RonanF

14 thoughts on “Like It’s Hot

  1. Mulch

    I never understood why when you are selling a house you provide a single photo?! Not to mention the fact that this single photo really doesn’t sell it that well.
    Id say they had two weeks of people who thought it might be grand, got there and realized it needs a ton of work and zero offers were made. Now they have revised the price to be far more realistic.

  2. jenny mc

    This isn’t a bad part of Bray at all. For who ever said it backs on-to fassaroe, the entrace to fassoroe from this house is 10 minute walk, there is a stark contrast between this estate which has middle class families with children to the council estate neighbouring it. If you have ever walked around this area in the last 5 years you would know that it has become a promenant area in Bray for young families. There is also school down the road, which was once a school for rougher children from predomanilty working class areas has been overhauled by a new set of teachers/principal and is quite in demand.

    1. sarah

      Let’s hope the teachers of this school, once the preserve of the “rougher children” can teach the offspring of the new “middleclass” how to spell.

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