17 thoughts on “De Sunday Papers

    1. PPads

      Sunday Life readers are a bit weird. Half of them spend their pensions in the M&S @ Sprucefield. They mainly live in Lisburn. The Next shop there sells UnionJack onsies if that is your lollipop.

        1. Soundings

          *Dwindling* regular readership going by the ABCs. Still though, for many households, it’s still seen as the best overall read, maybe if the SBP did sports and had a bit more oomph, that would change.

          On the other hand, the best selling Sunday is the Sunday World, and let;s face it, that’s complete w*nk.

          1. Stumpy

            This. The Sindo is an odious rag, but little in the way of a decent alternative. Whenever I’m back home, the Observer is my only real option.

  1. r2wKillarney

    Surely, the Spindo is a work of pure evil. It is both our own Fox news and our own Comical Ali. How it has the circulation it has is beyond me? Pravda, in all it’s glory, has nothing on that rag.

    1. Llareggub

      It’s the rag of choice for those mass goers coming out of church of a Sunday morning. Blissfully ignorant, all smug after hearing the word of the Lord then popping into the local Spar for the Galtee rashers and the Brennans’ loaf. Old habits die hard. Let that paper die the death it deserves.

  2. Soundings

    Ah, poor auld Geraldine McEwan has left us. She should be in the AFI Top 100 film villains for her portrayal of the head nun in the Magdalene Girls. Great actress and entertainer. RIP.

  3. Soundings

    The MoS promise of “2 minutes of exercise per week will get you fit” looks totally irresponsible when the best medical advice is you need at least 3*30 minutes of “vigorous” exercise just to maintain fitness.

  4. CousinJack

    Sindo, what a joke, O’B clearly wants to keep FG in place to roll out more unnecessary civil works at cost to the tax payers.
    It’s amazing that polticians are so sensitive to verbal insults, they should spend time with their equivalents in Italy, France, etc to see how what it is like when you have a traditionally opinionated electorate

  5. Ferret McGruber

    Sunday Independent : Attack on Democracy. The biggest attack on democracy in this country was the socialisation of private banking debt. Everything else leads from that. I hope the Sindo journalists are proud of themselves.

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