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Dublin Airport T2 - car hire desks, Dublin Airport car hireCar hire desks at Dublin Airport Terminal 2

Gerry Lee writes:

I was wondering if you could help me out. I am coming home from London for the February mid term and want to hire a car. I am unfortunately only 23 and I am wondering if any of the broadsheet readers would know of a good company that does not charge a massive young driver’s excess fee.



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    1. Ronan

      +1 for looking at, or some other car hire search engine for best deals.

      You’ll get a bid price from vendors instead of a standard hire price, which will usually save you a considerable amount and make up for any young driver loading.

      Also, these companies offer excess insurance, which works out far cheaper than damage waivers per day. I think I got it for 8 euros per day last time, over the standard 20 a care hire place might charge. The only downside is that you actually have to pay the excess in the event of an accident, and claim it back afterwards, but it’s a much cheaper way of getting piece of mind.

  1. Cian

    Hertz have “student” rates that don’t require a student card, they used to be cheapest for under 25s when I was that young…

  2. Johnny Unitus

    have a look at

    get your excess cover form them and dont get it with the car hire company

    1. Cian

      Different kind of fee here – most firms have an extra per day for being under 25 (if they hire to under 25s at all) which you cannot insure with anyone else.

    1. Colin

      Its actually a big issue when you travel. The only places in Europe you can rent with Hertz under 25 I believe is on the Baleric Islands. America is no problem as long as you pay the excess.

  3. LJK

    I’ve been using them since i was 23 (5 years).
    They are part of Europcar but with better prices.
    They also give a 10% discount for frequent customers.

    Get a qoute online then call them rather than book online.
    They are really helpful. Roisin in particular is very helpful.

  4. Bonkers

    Enterprise were one of the few companies I could find to hire to u-25 year olds a few years back. Not sure if its still the same now

    1. Iwerzon

      I’m in my 40s and I practically need a letter from my mother to hire with Enterprise these days as I use a debit card which requires bank statements or wage slips. I sweartygod!

  5. smoothlikemurphys allow you to specify the driver’s age when searching, so any results should be fine for whatever age you enter.

  6. Zarathustra

    Gerry, if you do rent a car, do yourself a favour and check it for scratches/damage before you drive it, and while a staff member is with you, otherwise you could be liable for any potential claims. Also, take photos of the car from every angle, just in case.

  7. Someone

    Maybe this warrants a new segment, but I’m coming home in the summer for 3 weeks and was wondering if there is any insurance company that I could purchase a policy that the car hire company would accept.

    Avis charge 16 euro a day for the zero deductible policy, which will hit me pretty bad if I have it for 3 weeks. I’ve looked for short term leasing, but cannot find any company in Ireland.

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