Staying In On Wednesday?



BBC Reporter Alys Harte

Abortion: Ireland’s Dirty Secret.

On BBC3.

Ireland Stand Up writes:

This programme follows 24 year-old Tara as she travels to England for an abortion as well hearing from Sarah, who turned from being pro-life to a campaigner for change, after her first child was diagnosed with a fatal foetal abnormality.

[Reporter] Alys Harte believes these voices are a sign that the stigma surrounding abortion is lifting. But she is also struck by the determination of a new generation of pro-life activists, who want to retain the status quo. Gemma, 16, believes some people think it’s fine to have casual sex as they can just have an abortion, an attitude she doesn’t want in Ireland.

Alys hears from a consultant obstetrician working in Belfast who says that her advice to patients is clouded by fear. In Northern Ireland, doctors can be jailed for life for performing illegal abortions. The government even issued draft guidelines that threatened NHS staff with ten years in prison if they didn’t report suspicions of unlawful abortions to the police.

With unprecedented access to both pro-life and pro-choice campaigners as they take to the streets in both Belfast and Dublin, Alys Harte reveals the extreme lengths that young people are prepared to go to in order that their voices are heard in the debate.

Abortion: Ireland’s Dirty Secret  on BBC 3 at 9pm.


Northern Ireland abortion laws case granted judicial review (BBC)

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32 thoughts on “Staying In On Wednesday?

        1. sickofallthisbs

          They also have snow in Canada – you don’t see me out protesting for more snow, do ya?

      1. Jane

        Yes, right up to before birth if necessary. Now, you might need to have a little wonder to yourself why exactly a woman to whom abortion is available at any stage of her preganncy might choose to abort shortly before her due date (since most of the personal, physical and financial consequences will still apply if she waits to that time), but it’s probably not some kind of dumb, inexplicable, animalistic evil.

        Look at me, preempting the results of your deep thoughts! You’ll probably come to your own conclusions.

        1. Dubloony

          In reality, most in Canada are carried out under 6 weeks, with very few happening after 19 weeks.

        2. Tony

          Fair play. How about when they come out? You could easily set up some kind of yoke to snuff them then. Not a guillotine. That would be sick. More like an injection of paraquat or an electric shock.

          1. Tony

            I suppose you’d favour the bit of complexity yourself? Maybe some class of spring-loaded Iron Maiden crib that impales them a few hours after they’re born? Or waiting till they’re a few months old then ‘accidentally’ backing a car over them? Not saying the simple way is better than your way. If it was me, I’d keep it simple, that’s all.

        3. Rowdower

          My Nephew likes to act up a bit, I think the threat that I can have him legally killed up to his 18th birthday would be a good incentive to behave.

      1. Lorcan Nagle

        Is Filmon back streaming UK TV then? I tried them just before Christmas and all the channels they had were giving “not availible outside the UK’ messages

    1. sickofallthisbs

      Thank you for pointing out how uncivilised we are, Mr Frenchman! Why don’t you tell us that Cuisine de France bread isn’t actually from France?

        1. sickofallthisbs

          Je voudrais un baguette avec baked beans sil vous plait. Et bacon. Et pudding. Et sausages. Et hash brown. Et, la piece de resistance! Un egg frite!

          Voila monsieur! Ah, merci – vive la France!

    2. Mani

      All of those involved in the Vichy government been brought to justice then? How about those involved in slaughtering Algerians and fecking them into the Seine? That was all sorted right?

      1. Joe the Lion

        Yes. They had a big soirée there last year on the Rive Gauche and afterwards everyone went to Moulin Rouge (Paris Coppers) and got gee-eyed.

  1. Clampers Outside!

    When’s the Abortion App coming out, and what’s with Apple dragging their heals on the iBort… I hear it’s like a Swiss army knife with twirling blades and a pouch that inflates out of nowhere like a passenger airbag.

    Sure it could be done on the bus to work and leave pouch in the recycle bin before ya made it in.

  2. peterandrefan44

    yeah great thanx. more brits coming over telling us hicks what to do. d`uhh okay!

  3. Soundings

    The Daily Mail (!) in the UK gave this programme a recommendation today.

    That newspaper can’t believe “thousands – thousands! – of Irish women travel to England each year” for abortions.

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