Wait for it.

Charisma-oozing Environment Minister Alan Kelly (via live feed from the Shannon Estuary) ‘explains’ the Irish Water ‘deadline’ on the Six One News on RTE 1 with Bryan Dobson this evening.

It’s been that kind of day in fairness.

Thanks Paddy



A since removed poll on the site today.

Thanks Bewildered Student.

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10 thoughts on “All At Sea

    1. Clampers Outside!

      His “serious face”, seen that a lot from him of late… it’s rather funny alright. Looks more of a ‘better not fupp this up and do it by the book’ look :) Shame it’s not workin’

  1. Portr-hate

    Flippin’ portrait…. Surely the shape of the telly is some sort of indication as to which way to turn your phone…. Dzooope.

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