The Psycho Lane



You know who you are.

Shivvy writes:

I don’t normally do this, but want more than anything for the angry cyclist who approached me last night at 8pm on the Grand Canal (near Baggot Street Bridge, Dublin 2), to know as far as I know it is not illegal to walk on the cycle path and even if it is, it was absolutely disgraceful that he felt the need to stop his bike and approach a woman out walking on her own.
He stopped his bike and came right up to me shouting “have you got a problem? This is a cyclist lane and you should not be walking here.” I’ve previously been the victim of mugging on College Green and was terrified when this angry man came up shouting in my face saying I’m not allowed to walk on the cyclist path, although I had seen him coming a few feet and had stepped out of his way and there was more than enough room for him to pass by, as there was no other cyclists around.
I am also angry at myself for trying to explain to this bully, I was walking there because i didn’t want to walk the stretch of canal behind the wall as it was pitch black out and I felt it was a bit dodgy.

I can’t believe he would be bothered to stop at all and wonder if this would have happened if I were a man. Just wanted to get this out there, and I am just wondering does this guy feel like a big man now that he picked on a woman out walking on her on her evening stroll minding her own business….

Pic: Richard Bloomfield

224 thoughts on “The Psycho Lane

  1. Mister Mister

    Leave me alone, I’m a woman.

    Seriously though, there’s more than one place to walk around there that’s not a bike lane. You’d be complaining if you got hit by a cyclist who didn’t see or expect a pedestrian meandering on the cycle lane.

        1. Mister Mister

          Thanks, I wasn’t sure, but fair play for coming along to confirm for me with your take one to know one comment.

          You could come in handy, are you also a criminal by any chance ? The gardai could use you as a pre-crime type person, just point out your fellow crims on the street.

    1. Rep

      Agree with this. The guy is obviously an idiot but there is at least 2 footpaths there to walk on. If the one by the canal is dark, maybe try the brightly lit one on the other side of the road. You wouldn’t walk on the road, why walk on the cycle lane?

      1. Robert

        Shouldn’t be walking on the cycle lane, but that’s no excuse for the cyclist being a fupping arsehole.

          1. Mick Flavin

            The side of luxury biscuits and inappropriately shouting private parts? I’ve always been in that side.

    2. louislefronde

      Of interest….

      Are cyclists required to have insurance like motorists? The answer is no.

      Do cyclists pay road tax like motorists? The answer is no.

      When it comes to pedestrians, if one is hit by a cyclist and badly injured – what happens? Little or no comeback for the pedestrian. Because cyclists aren’t required to have insurance when they use either the roads or footpaths (as some do)

      Driving around town, everyday I witness cyclists without helmets and lights, running the gauntlet (red lights) knocking down pedestrians and paying lip service to the rules of the road – all without insurance or indeed road tax.

      But of course the mere suggestion that a cyclist should pay either insurance or tax, would have the holier-than- thou brigade of ‘pedal pushers’ venting their spleen (which they do quite often) and spitting fire.

      1. Pantani's ghost

        Do motorists pay road tax like motorists? The answer is no.
        They do pay a motor tax. On their motor

      2. Clampers Outside!

        If I may….
        Just a quick switcheroo to two words…. cyclist & pedestrian.

        “When it comes to cyclists, if one is hit by a pedestrian and badly injured – what happens? Little or no comeback for the cyclist. Because pedestrians aren’t required to have insurance when they use either the roads or footpaths (as some do)”

        So… what’s your point exactly. I’ve only come off my bike a few times since 1997, to avoid running into some muppet pedestrian ambling across the road through traffic at a standstill (due to heavy traffic, not lights) and not watching around at all, and thereby missing the cyclists in their lanes – bottom of Constitution Hill going towards Church St is a classic ‘ambling’ area for dumb pedestrians running the gauntlet.

        None of those pay tax or have insurance either…. so I’m lost as to your point….

        If either the pedestrian or cyclist contributed as much wear and tear to the roads as those in cars, vans, SUVs and trucks and buses, maybe you’d have a point, but they don’t… that’s how I see it anyway.

      3. Sponger

        Do motorists pay road tax? The answer is no. They pay Motor Tax as do pedestrians and cyclists who also happen to own a Motorised Vehicle.

        The various Road Traffic Acts also apply to cyclists and despite what motorists may think cyclists are prosecuted for breaking the rules of the road and unlike motorists who can opt for an on the spot fine cyclists will be summonsed & may face heftier fines e.g. the fixed notice penalty for breaking a red light is 80 euro + 3 points a cyclist can face a fine of up to 5000 euro and a traffic offence conviction. In reality the judge usually imposes a 100 euro donation to the poor box for a first offence.

        An injured pedestrian has the right under tort law to pursue compensation form the tortfeasor in your example the cyclist. In fact most tort cases in Ireland result from motor accidents.

        Cycling around town, everyday I witness drivers & pedestrians running the gauntlet (red lights) almost knocking down pedestrians and paying lip service to the rules of the road – undoubtedly some of these are without insurance or indeed Motor tax.

        Luckily these miscreants make up a relatively small percentage of all road users and at the end of the day ass holes are ass holes regardless of their chosen mode of transport.

  2. Kolmo

    As a daily cyclist through the potential meat grinder that is Dublin, we call these cyclists ‘Shouty Jesus’ – as they shout at traffic, a lot, and are the most self-righteous spanners sharing the streets, and they don’t realise that they are practically invisible – the man must have very little else in his life to bother him other than frightening women walking on their own in an already tense city. sorry to hear of that.

  3. Bingo

    I gave up cycling on that path due to knobheads like this. The cycle superhighway is full of bullies.
    Had a courier guy play a game of “chicken” with me. He was 100% in the wrong. Flying towards me on the wrong side of the path. We had a bit of a screaming match on the path.
    What a hardman, screaming at a woman. Would have been happy to intervene…..

    1. Drogg

      Yeah i used to cycle down the canal and got sick of people shouting at me when i stopped at red lights. Like i know stopping a red light is the worst thing you can do when your on a bike but i didn’t have a death wish.

        1. Drogg

          Yeah the red light used to seem like a suggestion, but it is a certain type of cyclist that used to always do it.

      1. Kevin

        Really? For several years I cycled the canal route, stopped at every red, and never once did anyone shout at me for it. Were you perhaps doing something else to irritate people?

  4. Sinabhfuil

    Of course he shouldn’t have screamed at the pedestrian; stupid rage is popular at the moment.

    But if she bends her eyes a little to the right she’ll see the pedestrian path on the other side of the grass verge.

    I cycle that bike lane often, and it’s bestrewn with pedestrians wandering along, often with their backs to oncoming bikes. I do not wish to facilitate their suicide. Use the pedestrian path, lads.

    1. Medium Sized C

      She sort of explained why she didn’t want to use that path. I would say something about the well lit footpath on the other side of the road, but if there wasn’t many cyclists around what is the Feckin harm?

      1. Sinabhfuil

        Yeah. Good point. There should be better lighting on the path, no question. And if there aren’t many cyclists and she’s walking against the flow of traffic she’s probably reasonably safe.

        1. Medium Sized C

          As long as, as she says she did here, they get out of the way when a car comes.

          Again, what is the feckin harm?

    2. Ms Piggy

      She’s not wrong though that at night that footpath is very shadowy and feels isolated because it’s so far from the road. I’m fairly gung-ho about walking at night – and I’d have torn that guy a new one if he’d shouted at me like that – but I know that stretch well and I can see her point about not wanting to walk alone on the footpath.

  5. xxx

    Is marked BICYCLE ROUTE !! Why do not you walk on the road for cars ?? You have a sidewalk on the right in the picture !!

    1. barton

      You should walk home with me some evening (city centre towards north docklands/3 Arena) The number of cyclists cycling on the PAVEMENTS! My goodness! The cyclists slicing through GREEN/PEDESTRIAN LIGHTS!, Hurrah! My favourite cyclists are the ones clad head to toe in high viz, helmet, blinking lights, ploughing along on, demanding that people get out of their way. Hopefully their precautions will prevent some moronic pedestrian walking into them. On the pavement. If you want to cycle, use the road. If you’re too chicken to cycle in traffic, walk your bike along the street.

  6. Croque Monsieur

    tricky one, i understand not wanting to walk in the dark by the canal, but there is also a lit footpath on the other side of that road. as an everyday cyclist i’m keenly aware how precious cycle lanes are to most cyclists – decent lanes are rare are worth fighting for. that said, i unfortunately also am aware of a certain breed of very aggressive cyclist and can’t stand their attitude. perhaps they only cycle a few times a week and still have car-syndrome – where the navigable ground and its inhabitants are part of one big fight?

  7. FoxFire

    I guess cyclists never cycle on footpaths at all then, never cycle through pedestrian lights, never do anything wrong at all…

          1. LiamZero

            Pedalling vile rumours there Jess. Maybe put your brain in gear before your mouth.
            Anyway, I heard she was a total ride.

    1. Royal M

      But she’s a woman who was mugged on College Green once, therefore she’s entitled to walk wherever the bloody hell she wants.

  8. Grouse

    I’m genuinely sorry you had this experience. The guy sounds awful. But a lot of people are going to push back against this post because it is quite dangerous to walk in the cycle lane, and you don’t seem to be willing to give in on that at all.

    I know the bit you’re talking about, where the walking path goes behind and below the wall approaching Baggot St bridge, and it is a bit dark and secluded. But there is another footpath right across the road that you could use in this case.

  9. IDB

    “I wonder if this would have happened if I were a man”.
    Yes, absolutely. As long as you weren’t a man who was bigger than him. In that case, I’m sure he’d let it slide.

  10. Pedantic Pat

    There’s a footpath just there *points*

    Get out of the cycle lane. Do you walk in Bus lanes too?

    1. Drogg

      ^this, except walk in the cyclelane all you want, cause cyclists use the footpaths freely in this city.

      1. Rep

        So I can cycle on the footpaths? Superb, that will make my journey home a lot easier now. Cheers Drogg

        1. Drogg

          Well when i am walking around the city it seems to me like the paths are cycle lanes anyway cause so many cyclists freely use them, i generally don’t mind except when its that one p***k who cycles right at you and then stops to give you that ‘you are in my way look’ then i am likely to pull them off their bike and beat their skinny jeans wearing ass with the basket off their fixie but besides that if you are courteous i don’t see a major issue.

  11. D

    The cyclist was right, notwithstanding that he may have over-reacted. Pedestrians walking on a cycle lane is hazardous, clearly. If you were concerned about the pedestrian route, choose a different route with lights or arrange to get a lift home. Surprised that this post made it onto Broadsheet – not really newsworthy in my view.

    1. DD

      Arrange to get a lift home?

      She was out for a walk.

      Maybe she should have swam up the canal just to be sure?

  12. frRomeoSensini

    It looks like there are 3 footpaths to choose from – 2 on canal side & 1 across road.
    And you went for the cycle lane.

  13. Joe the Lion

    Can’t anyone answer the question? Does the cyclist have priority in the cycle lane – yes or no?
    To my knowledge the cycle lane is like any other public highway which means the pedestrian has the right of way.

    Thus the cyclist is not ‘right’. However the woman sounds like a dull, lifeless self-entitled braindead as well. QED.

      1. Joe the Lion

        I believe they do, subject to a general duty of care not to endanger themselves or other road users.

        1. Joe the Lion

          Thank you Clampers

          I believe that in terms of the public highway the right of way exists for pedestrians because they were there first. Even when the motor car was introduced the motorist was required initially to walk in front of a car with a red flag warning other users of its impending arrival.

  14. only when

    heres my 2 pence worth…i worked as bicycle courier back around 2001, the only ‘fixie’ i saw was when some dude from the states brought one over on his holliers, i road on pavements, went down 1 way streets, took serious risks with traffic, broke red lights etc etc…i was working…i never once put a pedestrian in danger, sure i used to fly trough the lights at the end of grafton street if i had right of way…just to get a kick. i was an all Ireland bmx champion back in the 80’s..had a muddy fox mtb in the 90’s when they cost a grand…i know how to ride a rother the right way. prop today is you have all these new ‘cyclists’ who really should not be let near a bike..they don’t use cycle lanes yada yada yada…forget your nct for your car…these pricks should be pysco analysed before tempting to ride a bike

    1. Stewart Curry

      “Other cyclists should follow the rules but it’s ok for me not to because I’m an amazing cyclist”

  15. Doctor Gonzo

    Someone needs to get anonymous on board to find this beast.

    “have you got a problem? This is a cyclist lane and you should not be walking here” doesn’t sound like the expletive riven, spittle flecked rantings of a mad man.

    And if she is doing something stupid/dangerous/inconsiderate he has every right to approach her and say so. Obviously no excuse for ‘shouting in her face’ though. If that’s what happened.

    But her excuse for ambling along the cycle lane is total bullshit. Sure she could have just walked across the road if she didn’t want to walk on the footpath.

  16. Nessy

    The guy sounds like an arse to be honest but when you’re walking in a designated cycle area, you effectively become an arse too. The amount of pedestrians that have walked out in front of me when cycling on the road and on cycle paths is frightening. Same applies to drivers and cyclists breaking lights and ploughing their way along roads regardless of other pedestrians or cyclists or road users.

    If you look at the bigger picture; had you not have been where you were, he would have never have stopped to yell at you or verbally bully you as you put it. For all you know a fellow pedestrian could have walked out in front of him moments ago and caused him to come off his bike before he got to where you were. Or he could just be sick of pedestrians walking in cycle lanes.

    Moral of the story is, you wouldn’t walk in a bus lane would you, so don’t walk in a designated cycle lane.

    1. AH HEYOR

      Respect on the roads is lacking in a lot of ways. Cycling being a somewhat niche hobby in Ireland, a lot of people are in a mindset of “F the cyclists” or “F the bleedin’ bus/taxi drivers” or “F the bleeding pedestrians walking in front of me” . . .

      We all need to respect that every single road user, be they on a bike, on foot, in a car or otherwise, are all just humans trying to get to our destinations alive and well.

      Be safe out there folks.


  17. AH HEYOR


    Ah shure everyone walk in the cycle lanes, as long as it’s justified.

    Can I cycle on the footpath when I think the road isn’t safe ?

    No. Exactly.

    IF you are so worried about lighting, ride the bus. Walk a different route.

    If you were out walking along the white line in the middle of the road you would expect someone to say something surely ?

    Obviously , the dude is a dick, but please for the love of god, accept that what you were doing was in the wrong, he was merely pointing out your fault ( albeit in an assholey way )

      1. smoothlikemurphys

        Websites use ads as a way to make sure that they can deliver whatever it is you’re looking at to you without having to charge.

        Using AdBlock removes this mechanism, meaning that some sites may no longer be able to offer you what you want for free anymore.

        In short – using AdBlock is a dick move.

      1. Joe the Lion

        Not necessarily. I used to see a bearded lady regularly around Dorset Street.

        In fact may I be so bold as to venture that women are generally better at growing beards than you are at applying makeup in the drivers side mirror?

  18. Bruncvik

    Pedestrians shouldn’t walk on bicycle paths, cyclists should not cycle on footpaths, everyone should obey traffic rules, and everyone would be happy. And quite frankly, I don’t have a problem with the cyclist educating the woman about road rules. If the roles were reversed, I wouldn’t blame the woman educating the cyclist, either.

    In fact, it could be far more efficient than what I’m doing. I often go with my girlfriend for a walk in Phoenix park, and nearly every time there are cyclists on footpaths, even though the park has some of the best cycle paths in Dublin. Instead of educating cyclists on footpaths, I let them through if there is space. And it backfired at me once when a cyclist aimed her bike straight at me. She didn’t go fast enough to leave me with more than a bruise, but as she hit me I pushed her off the path, down into a ravine with some bushes. I was too shocked and upset to do anything about her, but I guess she made it back out okay. Had I (and other pedestrians) been educating cyclists about road rules, this didn’t have to happen.

    1. Mister Mister

      Do you know who you find, without fail, on the “best cycle paths in Dublin” down Chesterfield Avenue, pedestrians, very often walking side by side. FFS, the footpath is just a few feet over there you tools.

      Many clowns down realise the big black lane closest to the road is the cycle path, not the footpath.

      1. AH HEYOR

        The way the cycle lanes in the park are deisgned is beyond a f*cking joke.

        And yes, often people will walk up the bloody things with prams, two abreasts, however they want.

        The cycle lane should be on the left side of the road, notput up on the side and made to look like a footpath.

      2. Bruncvik

        There are big bright signs on the bicycle path to signify it’s for cycles and not for pedestrians. Those numbnuts who walk on those can be run over repeatedly for what I care. I don’t ride a bicycle, but I respect their territory, and they should respect mine.

  19. Sheila

    Yes, most certainly a douche bag. Maybe even the straw that broke the camels back and he’s put up with a lot more pedestrians of late walking out in front of him. And I feel for you and being mugged…

    But don’t walk in cycle paths.

    I sometimes point out to cyclists they’re where they shouldn’t be sometimes. I really hope I’m not coming across as big a dick as this guy.

  20. Bort

    I cycle to work on this same stretch, there’s a pretty decent working relationship with walkers and cyclists, Sometime cyclists do sometimes wrong, sometime walkers do something wrong. There’s no need to shout about it. I’ll hazard a guess, was this guy a “FULL KIT” cyclist? Full lycra and a €1000+ bike. Some serious cyclists won’t even cycle the bike lanes because the other cyclists are too slow, they can’t stand the fair weather bikers, Jesus they hate the Dublin bikers. There are a lot of overly aggressive cyclists dying for a bit of agro. I like the girls on the pink high nellys with the baskets myself

  21. Frank

    Absolutely sick of hearing people moan about cyclists – you’re a fool. A sexist fool.

    Phoenix Park, Quays, Dame Street – absolute eejits moaning that their life has been rudely interrupted by those animal cyclists. Why?

    Get out of the cycle lane and get a life.


    But we can’t say that because you were robbed.

  22. philip

    Think people are getting the photo shown above and where the incident actually happened mixed up. Its at the other end of this photo. It’s right beside Baggot Street Bridge and that area behind the wall is dodgy especially at night. I and countless more (mostly everyone) avoid it and walk on the bike lane until the footpath levels out and the wall ends…..(about 20 second walk)

    Walking Lady = Wrong place. Wrong Time.
    Bike Guy = KNOB!!

  23. savod

    Ireland is full of self appointed guardians of society, who love being ‘good citizens’ but who are in reality complete bellends!

  24. Brian S

    Pick up bike. Throw in canal. Dickhead cyclist taught lesson. I also take great pleasure in giving the back wheel a kick as they cycle through red lights at pedestrian lights. Watch them wobble and sometimes fall. Oh the fun. Sometime there will be a bus coming the opposite way. That will be the best.

    1. YourNan

      so much bravado so little fact, would love to get a few words with you on the road next time I see you kick someones bike, little male genital.

    2. Mister Mister

      He’s talking nonsense, when moving a smack to the rear wheel doesn’t have that much of an affect on stability.

  25. Skeptik

    A bell is legally required equipment on a bike in Ireland.
    If he had one, he could have rang a good distance away to warn a bike is coming. No need to shout at anyone.

    1. DD

      He could also have done a morse code alert by flashing his light.

      Warning, warning, my bike has no brain – so use yours.

          1. Stumpy

            Dancing around the severed head would re-enforce the point, no? I think we can agree it’d be a reasonable course of action.

  26. YourNan

    was he fat and wearing Lycra? I cycle and get occasionally shouted at by these middle aged “sportsmen” who take the cycle lane for an Olympic speed track. just ignore the assholes.

  27. rory

    Psst.. There’s 2 h’s in Psychopath (unless I am missing something. But if I amn’t tis no biggie BS, I make mistakes spelling that word also.)

  28. Bobby Rwanda

    I got here late and I am delighted that so many people have called you out on this. The canal is one of the few appropriate cycle corridors in Dublin City Centre. There is a footpath beside the canal and if you elect not to use that one, there is a also footpath on the opposite side of the road meaning there is absolutely no need for you to walk on the cycle track. And the track itself is not well lit in many parts so if you were genuinely afraid of walking on your own at night that night, you most certainly would not have walked there given the availability of a better lit option several metres away. It’s hard enough being a cyclist in Dublin without this shite getting posted. Going forward, be mindful that the cycle track is exclusively for cyclists. If it was Amsterdam, you would have been run over and there would not have been any warning. I lived there – trust me.

    1. DD

      She could also legally buy soft drugs and take in a live sex show if she was in Amsterdam.

      Doesn’t make it right.

      1. Joe the Lion

        Clearly an arrogant lonely man. When asked to substantiate why ‘going forward – the cycle path is ‘exclusively’ for cyclists use, he was unable to do so. He may be correct in that the law is applied differently in Amsterdam however – I’m not sure. Certainly if you stood out in a cyclist’s path over there you would probably be run over. Similarly in Berlin, or Copenhagen. I love punching people like that in the face, personally -it’s the one occasion where you can legally do it and claim self-defence – you were physically attacked by a person with a bicycle. Irrespective of what ‘right’ anyone has to priority there is a general duty of care for the safety of yourself and other road users, in all cases.

  29. Dhaughton99

    Oh, tell me about it. Some can be right tools and I’m a avid cyclist.

    The amount of times I got into arguments along the canal when walking dogs because they race along with no consideration. One actually tried to run over baby bichon. I now always carry a chain dog leash so I can nail the next one with a smart mouth who thinks they are wearing the yellow jersey.

    1. Joe the Lion

      Because escalation of incidents into serious violent confrontation is always the answer when out with a poodle.

  30. John Braine

    I always think of Amsterdam in these situations where you’d be run over by a bike in seconds, or shouted at by loads of cyclists thinking you were crazy. Because roads are for cars, and cycle paths are for bikes. Unless you’re in Ireland where the rules of the road get ignored by everyone leading to chaos, confusion and cycle lanes full of pedestrians, cars, buses, trucks, and ducks.

    But that’s just the way things are here. Which makes your man a bit of an asshole. This isn’t Amsterdam.

    A big shouty jogger roared at me recently: GET OFF THE PATH, GET OFF THE PATH recently (funnily enough I was on the path because the cycle lane was full of cars). I shouted back GET OFF YOUR HIGH HORSE. GET OFF YOUR HIGH HORSE. In my head. Ten minutes later.

  31. Al Jeers

    Joggers on the cycle paths. That is the real tyranny. They are exercising aerobically so they are entitled to dominion over all traverse…

  32. Royal M

    You were walking in a cycle lane, in a safe part of town in the evening with footpaths on both sides of the canal. Somebody who was using the cycle lane correctly then told you about this (for your own safety too) without swearing or using any insulting language. He sounds like a bit of a knob alright, but the fact that you’re a woman or that you were once mugged doesn’t alter the fact that you were in the wrong. “just wanted to get this out there” means I’ll try to garner sympathy from anonymous cyclist-haters on a website known for anti-cyclist clickbait. If this is the worst thing that happens to you this year, then you’ll be grand.

    1. DD

      The correct response in these situations is to muse “but how would the Amsterdam natives react” apparently.

  33. Jack Ascinine

    The guy obviously has a sh!tty life and suffers greatly from little man syndrome. My suggestion to you is to take a weekend course in Krav Maga and then go for another walk along the same path at the same time. When little man shows up again spouting off and making noise like he was a real man, expend a few decades of Krav Maga tradition on his ass. Having his ass kicked by a woman will put him just that little bit further into his little man box.

    1. Mikeyfex

      No, you’re correct. Given the nature of the article I’d have gone with ‘The Cyclepath Test’ myself.

  34. mike

    So I’ve read through the entire 205 comments. Thank you all, you shower of wits.

    But one little known thing I’d like to point out is … there is a pedestrian path on the other side of the road. No, I’ve never been in the area.

    And by the way, in Amsterdam ….

    1. Chucky R. Law

      A night time walk on the path on the other side of the road is as close to the Amsterdam experience as Dublin gets. Just more classy.

      1. Godwin's Law Police

        And Lad Lane is nearby, lest you feel it’s too classy. And it lacks the giant urinals popping up out of the street at night.

  35. Shivvy

    Wow can’t believe the reaction on this didn’t think so many people would get that upset about someone walking in the cycle lane, you’d swear I tried to grab him off his bike and throw him in the canal or something. I mean I wasn’t in his way and I’ve often seen cyclists on the foot path and would never dream of screaming at them to get off, but guess people are different. Honestly didn’t think there would be a problem when it was so quite around and was only on it for less than a minute until i was on the path again. But fair enough I broke the rules and will in future avoid cycle lanes for sure. But still think that this guy completely over reacted and there was no need for him being such an ass. But so over it and this was a great way to vent and was so entertaining reading these comments.

    1. Anne

      A few screams and the threat of a spray of some mace woulda sorted him out nicely.. Just a suggestion.

  36. John

    love cycling, fuppin hate cyclists, ladygarden bags. too many Phoenix park experiences to explain. they are the epitome of no life mother fuppers, with hi viz and full neon lights of course.

  37. joe

    Cyclists get a good amount of abuse from commuters and taxi drivers and any time I’ve ever confronted a driver (about the decision they made and the consequence had I been a few seconds earlier or later) just resulted in a response that pretty much says you should join the real world and get yourself a car.

  38. Randomstuff

    I believe I witnessed this incident on my way home on Monday night. So to set the record straight:

    What actually happened was that this lady decided to make her way on foot down the middle of the lane specifically designated for cyclists, despite having the equally convenient options of walking down either of the two parallel pathways designated for pedestrians, both of which are actually reasonably well lit. The cyclist clearly saw her relatively late and had to slow down and change course not to hit her. As he passed her, he clearly said “it’s a cycle lane for God’s sake, you shouldn’t be walking on it”. It was no more than an exclamation. While he raised his voice so she could hear him, he certainly didn’t shout. The lady immediately turned and barked back at him in an aggressive tone saying that she could walk wherever she liked. At this point he fully stopped, about 10 metres past her, and pointed out that she couldn’t, that cycle lanes are obviously for cyclists, and that she nearly caused a crash. He didn’t approach her. He didn’t even turn his bike. He wasn’t aggressive, although he was clearly annoyed at her behaviour and her reaction. If anything, she was the one who was aggressive. She was still shouting and gesticulating at him after he turned and left, despite her clearly being in the wrong.

    This report is inaccurate and misleading. There were other cyclists around. It is illegal to walk on a cycle lane in such a dangerous manner, in the same way that it would be illegal to walk down the middle of a road. The council has invested heavily in providing this public amenity, and people like this lady shouldn’t be abusing it. There were other options available to her, but it appears she was apparently too lazy to use them. She should learn some basic manners.

  39. General Apathy

    Awesome thread folks – well done!

    I have to say the cycle path in the photo does look awfully like a footpath that someone has vandalised with broken white lines and line drawings of cyclists. I can understand how this could be very confusing for a ‘lady’ who was just out minding her own business.

    Blah blah NO HELMETS blah blah RED LIGHTS blah blah ROAD TAX.Blah blah In the period 2007 to 2013, 67% reduction in road fatalities for pedal cyclists. Just saying.

  40. shaneful

    I’ve had this. Things are yelled, like in any traffic incident.
    So recently I’ve stopped walking in front of bikes. Works for me.

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