Only ‘White Irish’ Need Apply



Joe Humphreys in today’s Irish Times reports:

A planned online database for primary school pupils has run into fresh controversy over the use of a narrower set of ethnic categories than those used in the census. Parents of children born outside of Ireland have complained that the only “Irish” category included on the school questionnaire is “White Irish”.

“[Father of two adopted children from Ethiopia Brendan] Hennessy, a policy worker with the Society of St Vincent de Paul in Co Cork, wrote to the department last Friday expressing concern that “over 500,000 primary school children and their parents are receiving a form from the department which erroneously suggests that the only category of Irish is ‘white’.”


‘Multi-racial’ oversight on school database questionnaire admitted (Joe Humphreys, Irish Times)

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24 thoughts on “Only ‘White Irish’ Need Apply

    1. Up the republic

      Not exaclty incompetence so much as the inevitable consequence of deciding to define everybody in terms of largely imaginary ethnic categories.

  1. Unreconstructed

    Quick. Let’s all jump on this politically correct bandwagon. Yayyy! Meanwhile people are dying on hospital trollies…

    1. McMuffin

      I don’t think anyone would suggest for a second that people dying on hospital trolling isn’t a serious issue, but to say highlighting and condemning the marginalisation of groups who don’t conform to the traditional Irish family image as political correctness gone wrong is fairly narrow minded on your part.

    2. Jane

      Let’s take a look at this train (crash) of thought. Are you saying that because people are on hospital trollies, Irish people can only be white? Or that the fact that some Irish people are not white causes people to die on hospital trollies? Or that reading this article was a distressing distraction from your self appointed task of removing people from hospital trollies? Or that you want us to talk about no subject other than hospital trolliles?

    3. Medium Sized C

      You know, we could solve this easily.
      From within the department of education.
      It wouldn’t take a huge effort from that department.

      And seeing as the department of education have literally nothing to do with the hospital trollies, and could most likely, in all logic and in accordance with all evidence, not be of any use with the health crisis.

      But of course everyone else knows this.
      Which is why you’re the only one to say the stupid thing you just said.

    4. Jess

      Im going to use this technique as much as I can.

      ‘Pay for my meal? while people are are dying on hospital trolleys’

      ‘I don’t care if an arctic front will be sweeping across the country into mid afternoon Mr Weatherman. What about the people dying on hospital trolleys’

      ‘Was it good for me? Not while there are people dying on hospital trollies.

      I’m even thinking of re sitting my leaving cert and just writing ‘HOSPITAL TROLLIES! for every answer, in a physics exam.

      Political correctness gone mad!. or maybe just mental illness.

  2. Fiach

    Apparently there is a “No Consent” option in that racial category.
    A friend said she was filling it in with her 8-year-old son, who was hugely unimpressed cause he’s orange-y pink, so he said she should tick No consent given.

  3. Eoghany

    I think this was just a mistake by the department. You know, that thing we all make from time to time. They admitted as much.

  4. Frilly Keane

    That’s a cocktail

    Warm peaty Middleton with a grand daycent floppy dollapy head of fresh cream

    1. scottser

      you do not, under any circumstances, put anything else into a middleton for it is perfect as it is.

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