20 thoughts on “Stoner Down

  1. Rep

    “the figures here show overall deaths and do not take into account the rate – i.e. number of deaths in proportion to the number of users of certain drugs.”

  2. kerryview

    Lies, damn lies and statistics. Did that cannabis smoker ever use tobacco? Drank? Take prescription drugs? 79,700 smokers – how many smokers did not die in the same period? What was the total number of cannabis users for the same period ? I could care less.

    Absolute rubbish. 78% of statisticians do not believe in statistics.

  3. Shockabilly

    Given that it’s pretty much practically impossible to OD on weed, I wonder how it contributed to somebodies death?

    1. Anomanomanom

      I’m all for legalising, it’s ridiculous it’s not legal. But believe me you can od. It’s not like other drugs, as in your not going to die but you will be very very sick. Side note don’t make weed cookies, then forget and eat loads at once. It’s not fun.

      1. Dubloony

        You may not die from it but there is such a thing as cannabis psychoses and increase in risk of developing schizophrenia.

        Bigger question, why do so many people need to be out of their heads on substances all the time?

        1. well

          “why do so many people need to be out of their heads on substances all the time?”

          Shouldn’t i be allowed alter my own mental state? So long as its acceptable to be drunk or even lightly tipsy i cant see the difference with other substances.

          Of course im not suggesting become a full blown addict of a substance.

          No matter how you look at it’s just hypocrisy, hysteria , some protectionism that keeps many substances banned while Alcohol , tobacco etc are legal.

        2. Drogg

          Cause its a nice experience. But to answer your other point cannabis psychoses is generally someone who already has an underlying mental health disorder exacerbated but smoking cannabis. Also to relay the point on top it is physically impossible to OD on cannabis you would need to smoke 10,000 joints of the purest weed in the space of about an hour to OD. Just cause you throw a whitey after smoking to much does not mean you are OD’ing.

  4. Drogg

    Who is this one person that has died from weed consumption? I read a lot of research on this and i have never heard of anyone dieting from cannabis consumption.

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