7 thoughts on “Vigilance

  1. B Hewson

    It’s Great Charles St. D1.

    Probably some of the chaps from the flats painted it after they got home from work for the laugh. Pretending they haven’t already paid.

    1. One Dub

      I agree.
      There’s far too many of these oiks wandering around the streets of Oireland, pretending they haven’t paid when they obviously have, according to eh…

      Up the stream.
      Against the tide
      If you’re lucky
      You’ll get a ride

      I have no more to say.

    1. pissedasanewt

      Its okay if you let your dog out to wander the street, you don’t have to bag his sh1te. Its somebody else’s responsibility or better still, have it smeared across the pavement.

  2. Earthworm James

    In order to further this conversation, here is my impression of \pacMan.


    Thank you.

  3. Earthworm James

    I do other /pacMan impressions too.

    I do ‘wakkawakka’, and I can do ‘wakkawakkawakkawakka’ if I have at least two weeks advance notice.


    * free

  4. sickofallthisbs

    This picture was taken out of context – there are 100,000 other dogs just to the left out of shot – typical media FG shills.

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