Like Rain On Your Wedding Day



“We found that 10pc of people didn’t lock their bikes at all and a further 45pc used cable locks. Now I know from my own painful experience, cable locks aren’t adequate in Dublin. I mean this time last year I had a €800 mountain bike taken in Temple Bar. I was using a cable lock. I was actually in a meeting with somebody from the [Dublin] City Council on the subject of bike theft at time. It’s a lesson I haven’t forgotten so the single thing people can do is buy good locks…”

David Timoney of the Dublin Cycling Campaign on RTE R1’s Morning Ireland earlier.

Cycling campaign chief has bike robbed – while meeting council about bike thefts (

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22 thoughts on “Like Rain On Your Wedding Day

  1. Nikkeboentje

    Anyone who buys a bicycle in Dublin should be made watch “How not to get your bike nicked” before they are allowed take it out of the shop.

  2. elsie

    WHERE are all the bikes?!
    Everyone I know has had at least 1 or 2 bikes stolen so there are surely more bikes in circulation that people…
    Which would mean there is no market for the stolen bikes to be sold

    Also, I had kryptonite lock and when the little gurrier discovered he couldnt rob the bike, he just vandalised the sh*t outta the bike instead. Cooooooonts!

      1. scottser

        so are we to believe that michelle mulherrin and her kenyan partner are operating some form of stolen bikes for phone credit scam?

    1. scottser

      it wouldn’t cost much to hide a few tracers on a half dozen decent bikes and leave them round the city till they get nicked and see where they end up. i’d be curious myself.

      1. Colin

        Bikes are metal but isolated from the ground by rubber. I suggest electrification and a YouTube series :D

      2. munkifisht

        You don’t need tracers, just two cops watching a bait bike. There was a very successful sting operation put in place in London leaving an expensive bike with an awful lock in a very public place. The Gardaí couldn’t be arsed to do something similar.

  3. Clampers Outside!

    I can attest to the absolute sh*tness of cable locks. Was in LiDL on Thomas St with me new bike, only a week old, locked outside with two cable locks.
    Gone twenty minutes later. A week old. The shortest life of a bike I’ve ever had was two days. Current bike will be two years in March, one before thaty was seven years. Total bikes since 1994/95 is around 22 plus.

    Go me ! Keeping the bicycle industry going since 1994 haha :)

    1. munkifisht

      My dreams are shattered. With a name like yours Clampers I was picturing you driving some fuel guzzling monster, like a Chrysler or a Dodge.

  4. Bonkers

    Some theives are using battery powered angle grinders now so even the likes of Kryptonite locks can be made useless.
    It seems to me like the quid pro quo for a massive bicycle theft problem is that less people are getting mugged. The Gardai are likely well aware of this so choose to do SFA about bike theft as they know if they do street muggings will likely rise. Junkies have to get their fix somehow, its only a matter of what way they are let to do it.

  5. YourNan

    Dublin is chock full of scangers, how about setting a few of these on fire instead of forcing us all to buy expensive and heavy locks? A few sterilisation clinics in some choice areas wouldn’t go hurt either.

  6. Gers

    Because yes I am a big numpty and I leave my €800 bike in Temple Bar. Im not sure there is a solution to this one really…

  7. Brendan

    Way to go bike thieves. Helping cure this city of one of the worst plagues known to civil motorists. Love that they are doing something practical about it.

  8. Selfie Sensation

    Anyone who locks €800 of bike in Dublin city centre is mad, anyone who does it with cable locks is mentally deficient.

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