Robbing Wings




Orla Mellon writes:

I recently had my work exhibited upstairs in Foam Café [Great Strand Street, Dublin] I was delighted that they had kept them hanging up for over a year. Although I was gutted to find out that someone had stolen one of my paintings. I’m not working at the moment, as I’ve taken time off to look after my daughter. I don’t have any ill feeling toward Foam Café, as they gave me the opportunity to get my work shown to the public. What angers me is that someone would take it upon themselves to steal art work, when the artist themselves are struggling to make money. I know I speak for a lot of artists out there.
I wanted to get this out there, to anyone who sees this painting hanging up, it’s stolen! Shame on you, I hope karma bites you in the arse!!!


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23 thoughts on “Robbing Wings

  1. Custo

    I’ve been involved in a few group exhibitions around town (usually pubs / cafes), and this has happened once or twice.

    Nowadays they’re all fixed flush to the wall with mirrorplates. it’s a pain in the hole for hanging stuff, but unfortunately it has to be done because even the right-on hipster set in Dublin think that they can just take what they want.

  2. Digs

    It’s hard to value “art”. Perhaps the culprit recently threw €1 in a homeless persons cup? Surely that would sort the karma thing out? If you don’t get the kudos you think you deserve now perhaps it’ll come posthumously. Let Edvard be an example to you.

  3. scottser

    you must use your anger in order to make peace with the universe.
    or some such poo on some artist’s list somewhere

  4. Joxer

    think of the publicity….me da had one of his sculptures stolen from an exhibition years ago and it was all over the papers…. gave a little bump to the attendance figures all the same.

    but yeah Robbers are feckers!!!!

  5. Gers

    So you are struggling to make money as an artist? Perhaps time to question your talents and/or your choice of career. Sorry to hear about the theft however, that sucks.

  6. scottser

    surely if the picture was worth stealing then someone thought it had value. you should take it as a positive and a validation of your career choice. do not be deterred from your goal. and remember someone, somewhere is enjoying your picture all the more because of what they had to risk to get it.

    so stop being so whiney and bourgeoise and enjoy your compliment, no matter how back-handed you think it is.

    1. Joe the Lion

      Lol that’s what I was thinking but did not have the empathy to say it and so settled for a sneering putdown instead

    2. Mick Flavin

      Scottser looks out the bedroom window at an empty driveway. He rushes downstairs. The front door is open, the place is trashed, his car keys are gone.

      A note is pinned to the front door:
      “Your car was worth stealing. You should take it as a positive and a validation of your taste. Do not be deterred from working to make money to buy a new one, and remember someone, somewhere is enjoying your car all the more because of what they had to risk to get it.
      So stop being so whiny and bourgeois and enjoy your compliment, no matter how back-handed you think it is.”

        1. Mick Flavin

          You’re making me feel bad now, Scottser. I wish I could take back what I did in your cutlery drawer.

          1. scottser

            you didn’t leave one of your bogey drawings in there, did you?

            i feel so dirty now. i shower and shower but i never feel clean..

  7. Clampers Outside!

    I can’t understand stealing a painting. It’s not like you’d be able to hang it up and properly enjoy it… at least, I think I’d have a constant voice in my head telling me ‘you stole that, ya pr*ick’ everytime I looked at it. And that’d be pointless now wouldn’t it. Like the traffic cone that sat in my hall for three semesters.

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