29 thoughts on “Your Move

    1. Llareggub

      Yes, yes, yes. And don’t get even me started people who drive around the city with bull bars on their vehicles.

  1. Holden MaGroin

    I can’t feel sorry for you because you drive an SUV.
    I mean I’m not sorry.
    You know what I mean.

  2. Just sayin'

    Maybe if he drove a vehicle more appropriate for urban driving it wouldn’t be such a squeeze.

  3. smoothlikemurphys

    Mick needs to realise he doesn’t have the monopoly on shit parking.

    Also – who actually refers to their automobile as an SUV?
    ‘hang on, I’ll just grab my coat out of the SUV’
    ‘I think I left my SUV unlocked….’
    ‘i’m just heading down to the SUV-wash’

  4. Zaccone

    It looks like the small BMW is parked pretty much right up against the footpath to its left. Your vehicle on the other hand has plenty of space to its right. And is oversized for city use.

  5. Chucky R. Law

    I see two cars (sorry, one BMW and an SUV) obstructing the pavement, making pedestrians step out onto the Luas line to get past. A charming pair I’m sure.

  6. James maguire

    Typical broadsheet responses…. The parking is poo from the BMW, full stop, don’t be such p***s to the guy in the hyundai, it’s Friday, yas might even get the ride tonight if Ya cheer up! Jesus

  7. Sarah Moore

    Jesus Yer all very judgemental today, did someone let the air out of your bicycle tyres?? I’ve parked there before, same spot same feckin BMW doin same!!!!! There is no space there for more than 3 vehicles and cars try and squeeze in all the time in that spot, if Ya look carefully you will see the beemers actually on the path too! Also the path ends there, they aren’t blocking anyone, and the reason park there is its free and not bloody 2.90 an hour to get the privilege.

  8. WOD

    Poll time!

    How would YOU pronounce ‘valeting’?

    Is it ‘Vallet-ting’ like a bogger Hyundai driver would say or is it ‘Val-ay-ing’ like a sophisticated BMW driver would say?

  9. Inappropro

    I dont know anyone driving an SUV that didnt have the look of at least potentially a see you next tuesday, about them

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