Dirty Oul’ Town


Icecream writes:

Passed by this this morning. I know littering is terrible, but given it’s Behan the empty box of Heineken is actually pretty appropriate. Also, why are there absolutely NO bins along that stretch of canal?


And, on a related note, Sarah Barry writes:

Walking up Harcourt Street Saturday afternoon thinking how nice Dublin looks and then see this next door to the Dean/Everleigh … Vile – be no harm putting extra bins there to avoid this…


Derek Haughton adds:

Here’s the bins on the grand canal of a couple of days ago.

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33 thoughts on “Dirty Oul’ Town

    1. LiamZero

      Also because, since bin charges became widespread and prices kept going up for collections, people started dumping their household waste in them.

      1. Eliot Rosewater

        Most new bins have the bar to prevent people from depositing any more than one or two items. People avoiding bin charges aren’t putting them in bins, they’re dumping them in lanes and wasteland.

        1. Atticus

          Makes no difference unfortunately. I used to live in an estate where someone used to put all their household rubbish in the bin. They installed a bin with those bars, but then the rubbish bags were just left beside the bin. Eventually the bin was just removed.

        2. LiamZero

          Actually, they are doing both. In the area I live, a number of public bins have been removed because of this. They would be emptied in the mornings and be full to overflowing with household rubbish by the evening, and it was clearly household rubbish. You’d see people come along with bags full of rubbish putting it all in the bin piece by piece. A rather sad sight really.

          1. Mike

            Well, where I am living, the locals are actually putting themselves in the bins -after taking the rubbish out!

  1. Spaghetti Hoop

    I would prefer to see the junkies and zombies removed before the litter. Lord Mayor of Dublin….hello?

      1. Fatman Scooperman

        Dear Christie,
        You’re all I’ve ever wanted and my arms are open wide.
        Yours etc.

  2. DarraghNoob

    Put a recycling charge on all bottles and cans like on the continent. You’ll soon see littering reduce dramatically and you’ll also see the homeless start collecting cans and bottles to earn some money!

    Why don’t we ever learn from other countries around the world??

    1. scottser

      Bollox. There should be refill dispensers in every supermarket for every drink and liquid available. Its criminal to throw perfectly good glass bottles into a recycling bin. In fact, there needs to be much greater emphasis on re-use rather than recycling generally.

  3. laurastrux

    The Royal Canal does not have bins along it but every bridge does. Old Brendan happens to sit near a bridge and there is a bin only 10 meters walk away from him. I work on a volunteer clean up on the canal and to be fair to the regular drinkers there they usually clean up after themselves and if they don’t take it away they at least bag it. Behan does however take a hammering from the match goers and the first of the year in Croker was last night…I blame that one on the GA

  4. Eamonn Clancy

    Lest we forget, there’s a generation today for whom we must place portable toilets along Camden St for. How fooooked up is that’ let alone dirty?

    1. Royal M

      The need to urinate isn’t dirty. They have “Piss-Cross” in Dutch cities and towns are a lot cleaner and safer than Irish towns and cities. A few decades ago there were public conveniences all over Dublin, but apparently people don’t feel the urge to urinate whilst in public anymore.

  5. j.k

    Everleigh/Dean which is the same company should pay to have it cleared. It’s their clientele who are creating such a disgusting mess so they should be responsible.

  6. Niallo

    Dublin is such a dirty kip, but then, it was never any different.
    Deposit or no, the place is overrun with dirty ignorant greedy fuppers and will never change.
    I say we take off and nuke the whole site from orbit, its the only way to be sure.

  7. Tim

    We should work more to make the city cleaner no matter what it takes. I spent a good while living in d2 near harcourt on the canal. at and it was generally quite tidy. Even the knackers that went drinking at certain benches seemed to be very tidy but less so the closer you get to the barge. I think we could do more about these stairwells on streets like harcourt. It’s so easy, but I think it’s just more so around social drinking times that we need to get 1 short shift of street cleaners out. In general I think we are doing ok and getting there. I will say that put of the different places around the world I have lived around the US, Middle East, UK, that Ireland has a ahit culture towards throwing rubbish around the streets. We need better respect for our public environment

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