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Thanks Nick Sutton (UK covers); Tanya O’Neill (Westmeath Examiner, Westmeath Independent and The Anglo Celt,); Ronan Casey (Westmeath Topic); Brian Oliver (The Irish Times); Dermot Ahern (The irish Examiner); Paul Murphy (The Irish Sun)

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20 thoughts on “De Wednesday Papers

    1. LiamZero

      How many people out there, Sun readers or not, can be supportive of the level of lurid coverage the trial has received? Is this not another sign of the absolute disconnect between journalists and the public? Maybe I’m the one out of touch with the general mood but I can’t imagine that sort of reporting being desired by readers. It’s disgusting.

      1. Chuckenstein

        I thought the exact same in terms of my being out of touch and that was just from RTE’s online coverage. I can only imagine what The Sun is coming out with.

    2. Streetwise Hercules

      It seems to get worse each time they cover it. How can this be considered news in any form? It seems they are trying to say “she played with knives and got cut”


      If this is the way the news in print media is headed, I think it’s only fair we know as much as possible about the private lives of the author and editor.

    3. Well, that's that

      Disaster for the thumb-faced woman on the Westmeath Topic though. You *always* have to tell the photographer, “Facebook-angle that shit, I’m not Heidi Klum!” There’ll be tears in Westmeath tonight

    1. Der

      The press has the freedom to print what they like and that is a good thing. However The Sun’s front page is horrible and the way to stop this is not to buy it, ever.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      Gorugeen, it’s appalling what they’re reporting about this case. It shouldn’t matter what scene Elaine was into, it in no way justifies what happened to her. I feel so sorry for her friends and family having to put up with invasive, drooling headlines like the Scum and the Spindo have today. A dead woman’s sex life shouldn’t be front page material.

  1. Hank

    Just when I thought The Sun couldn’t get any more scummy.
    I’m pretty hard to shock but that is very distasteful.
    Absolute scumbags

  2. Rose

    I don’t like the front page of the Examiner either. That mother found out after further medical consultations that her baby could survive with treatment. I’m sure everyone who has gone to England with fetal fatal abnormalities has had more than one medical check and the prognosis was always the same. These people are not making a quick and uninformed decision to go to England.

    1. Rose

      Of course that’s without me reading the article, maybe the group is there to support everyone rather than cast a doubt

      1. Ms Piggy

        but also, no-one is suggesting that women with FFA pregnancies will HAVE to have abortions, merely that it should be an option available to them. This is the crucial point being deliberately obscured by these campaigners. It’s really the exact equivalent of the bizarre idea that gay marriage will have any implications for everyone else – it’s not like we’ll all have to marry people of the same sex!!

  3. Spartacus

    Any former sexual partners of the editor of Sun want to step forward and spill the beans on his proclivities?

  4. Malta

    Is Shatter completely of the leash now, working for his own benefit, or are is he the unofficial mouthpiece for FG?

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