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Further to details revelealed by RTÉ’s Investigative Unit of where housing fund grant money ends up (the constituencies of senior government members)…

Out of work mapper Omar Sarhan writes:

I thought the RTE Investigates research into the housing grant allocation was quite good but sadly it lacked a map, so I decided I’d create one! From the rapturous applause my maps usually get on Broadsheet (this could be in my head) I think the audience would like it. You can get to the beautiful interactive version via my blog here

Yesterday: Where The Housing Funds Go

8 thoughts on “Grant Job Altogether

  1. steve white

    these grants were announced at the beginning of 2014 were they not? what list of cabinet members are you using?

    1. Omar Sarhan

      I presume these were calculated at the start of the year, the stats only came to my attention after the RTÉ piece.
      I used the list of senior ministers (not those silly ministers of State) I got the list from the Oireachtas website. I only used the current ministers.
      Although we can still see the ghosts of big Phil Hogan!

  2. Paudi O'Shea

    Surely housing grants go to where the most social housing is?!? The analysis by population makes no sense. I call lazy journalism.

    1. Spartacus

      Given their propensity for electing slimeballs such as Hogan, there’s a valid argument that it should be dotted with thermonuclear weaponry.

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