It’s Not A Caption Competition



Unless you insist.

Tanaiste Joan Burton, with Minister for Jobs Richard Bruton (left) and Taoiseach Enda Kenny in Croke Park, Dublin today to announce  details of the Action Plan for Jobs for the government’s strategy to “accelerate the jobs recovery in every part of the country”.

(Sam Boal/Photocall Ireland)

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51 thoughts on “It’s Not A Caption Competition

          1. Mani

            Thank you. For it is always best to take advice on puss-smashing from online commenters, second only to the priesthood and Accord on these matters.

          2. Mani

            Accord and the priesthood work in tandem when it comes to adivsing the pre-married on where to put what and how.

  1. robert smith

    Hey kenny, if I was to smash the top off this and ram it up your ‘garda patrol’ you’d get to experience the health system first hand; then I’d be taoiseach.

  2. Cool_Hand_Lucan

    “The 5% on the bottle refers to the percentage of the public who can afford these overpriced beers.”

  3. italia'90

    If you’re not as good looking as your election poster suggests,
    you’re buying me as much of this stuff until you do!

    1. ollie

      ah come on….. you censor the word “****”? what next, censorship applied to our Taoiseachs use of the word “ni***r”?

  4. Bingo

    “Empty a few of them out Joanie, sure you’d never know when you’ll be trapped in a car again….”

  5. fluffybiscuits

    ‘Enda I unlocked the cupboard in James Reillys office when I was looking for stationary, Leo said there was a mouse so I had to go looking for it, should have seen it, was all scared and looked at me with those poor little eyes and squeaked so I did, I took Leo out for a coffee to rescue him’

  6. Disgrace

    “So, by jacking up the price of this little bottle, we can single-handly save our nations pubs Joan?”

  7. Disgrace

    But seriously, on RTE News the day Leo announced minimum pricing, they followed up an interview with him with a segment on how well Baileys are doing globally.

    And then this. Slightly hypocritical no?

  8. italia'90

    ♪ ♫ ♪ I’m Joanie…. Joanie, Joanie, Joanie.
    You’ll be singing that on the commute home.


    There’s a bang a d’unbelievables about that photo.
    Is it really Pat Shortt in a wig?

    “This stuff really gives me a harangue-over”.

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