I’m Bryan Dobson?



“It seemed to me that RTÉ’s fundamental failure was to allow this appetite for ‘edgy’, ground-breaking journalism to devour good journalistic practice and particularly editorial practice. It was failure above all of editorial control.”

Bryan Dobson on the Fr Kevin Reynolds affair.

‘Edgy’ journalism led to RTÉ error – Dobson (Independent.ie)


GalwayGirl writes (edgily):

So noted newsreader Bryan Dobson had a lot to say yesterday about editorial standards at RTÉ. Well, he’d certainly be a leading expert on that topic… Maybe stick to reading other people’s scripts to introduce other people’s journalism. Still though – looks good in a suit…


(Sam Boal/Photocall Ireland)

37 thoughts on “I’m Bryan Dobson?

        1. andyourpointiswhatexactly

          Hmmm. He can be good (he’s an awful swot, I’d say and is very well prepared) but I’ve heard Mary-Lou running rings around him.

  1. mike

    GalwayGirl, who do you think writes the script for the newsreader?
    Newsflash its the newsreader. So Bryan Dobson isn’t reading someone else’s script, he also conducts interviews that he would have to research himself – seems like journalism to me?

  2. More_Bemuda_Than_Berlin

    Has anybody clicked on that link to the Indo piece?

    And tried to make sense of the opening paragraph?

    And wondered why they don’t have sub-editors at INM anymore?

    Or why they don’t have a basic grammar book? Or someone with the ability to cut-and-paste without losing half a sentence?

    Just wondering is all…

    1. More_Bemuda_Than_Berlin

      The ‘topic’ link I mean, in GalwayGirl’s paragraph that brings you to Colum Kenny’s article

    2. Stewart Curry

      It’s a mess – is he giving general media training to health board officials, and the officials happen to be involved in a controversy, or is he giving specific training on how to respond to the controversy? Did he train them before the controversy happened? Why is the lead paragraph the same as the second paragraph?

  3. Joe

    Dobson’s 100% right though. Fr Reynolds offered to take a DNA test to prove he was telling the truth, that should have been a big red flag to the editors of that programme.

    1. newsjustin

      One would think so Joe, yes. But remember, the guy was a priest of the Roman Catholic Church, so automatically guilty in the eyes of some in RTE. Even if he had given proof that he was actually a woman dressed up as a priest, they’ed have still believed he was a rapist.

      On GalwayGirls point – I just don’t get how editorial standards and doing a nixer for HSE staff are the same thing, as she seems to be suggesting.

  4. Atlas

    How he looks in a suit doesn’t change the fact that he’s absolutely right. ‘New Media’ practices, which prioritise ‘getting there first’ followed by smug, snarky ‘analysis’ over good journalistic practice, mean the fourth estate has to gone to utter sh*t in the last couple of years. Before we know it, the likes of RTÉ and the BBC will read like the edgy, student newspaper-standard bile found in Vice, Gawker etc.

  5. ollie

    rte is publicly funded and has an obligation to present accurate impartial news. It has however become the mouthpiece for government propaganda and seems to be proud of this.

  6. Mac

    Dobson was the Rte presenter who did the most outside commercial jobs (8 MC gigs) in 2013 according to a Sunday Times story a few weeks ago. Can’t find a link.

  7. Peter Dempsey

    Dobson does a good job. Which is more than be said for knockers like Galway Girl and Stewart Curry.

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