23 thoughts on “Village Of the Foxes

    1. Mr. T.

      And most other parts of the city. Well done for living in Ballsbridge. I lived there for years. Full of c*nts.

  1. Just sayin'

    I hate people treating wild animals as pets. If my own cat can turn on me you can be damn sure a fox can too.

    1. Zarathustra

      No offence Fluffy, but I disagree; we’ve lost six lambs so far to foxes, and three more are injured, and we’re only about 1/3 of the way in to the lambing season.

        1. Zarathustra

          I agree Don & rotide, and as I’ve previously mentioned on a similar thread, most farmers won’t begrudge a fox the odd lamb; however, over the past five years their numbers have increased and now they are a real problem to sheep, especially lambs. So, while some people look at them and see cuteness, I see a predator.

          1. Nikkeboentje

            Oh, I actually completely agree with you. I’m living abroad where it’s acceptable to wear fur. I’d love a fox fur trimmed coat or a hat etc.

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