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2015-01-12_new_6032771_I2Jeffrey Dudgeon

Bébhinn Thornton Cronin writes:

I’m producing a talk tomorrow at the Project with Una Mullally, Ivana Bacik and Colm O’Gorman from Amnesty International about sexuality and equality in Northern Ireland and the republic.

We’ve got a special guest from Norn Ireland – Jeffrey Dudgeon who is basically the Northern irish equivalent of David Norris– and led the way to decriminalising homosexuality in the 80s. He’s also a unionist!

Book here.

24 thoughts on “Our Friends In The North

  1. Rep

    Hopefully some one in the audience will ask Ivana why she was so unusually silent about Clare Daly’s ‘foetal abnormality’ bill. Ivana only does what will benefit Ivana’s political career.

      1. Rep

        Ivana’s spent her life on the cocktail circuit, but when it comes to doing any thing mildly brave against her party, she scurries away.

    1. bisted

      …leave poor Ivana alone…it can’t be easy watching all your ambitions disappear down the plughole with the labour party.

  2. louislefronde

    Seriously, have you lot not got better things to do?

    How about other more pressing reforms which our country needs.

    It seems sometimes from picking up the paper, turning on the news or indeed reading broadsheet that the only ‘issue’ being thoroughly discussed in the media is marriage equality? Frankly, most of us have got the message, the referendum is in May, we’ll vote and the matter will be decided one way or the other.

    In the meantime, how about the panelists use their energies elsewhere and start campaigning for meaningful reforms which will assist the whole of society and not just a section of it.

      1. scottser

        fluffy, do not let abm near your bum under any circumstances. there’ll be a crucifix nailed to your hole before you know it..

        1. ahjayzis

          Point well made.

          I made a similar one in regard to pupil teacher ratios, which I’m sure you agree we can’t possibly improve until that one bad thing you arbitrarily picked is fixed first even though they’re two different departments.

          Same goes for migrant rights, road maintenance, banking debt, mortgage arrears, CIE’s financial woes and abortion rights. Clearly we cannot and should not attempt to fix any of these as to do so is a direct insult to the people affected by the ones not fixed yet.

          Everything must be fixed at the same time or not at all.

          Well put, you dim, obtuse, annoyingly pedantic little person you, have a gold star, but only when everyone else gets a gold star cause how can I give you a gold star while the little children in Africa have none?

    1. Grace

      Yes how dare the gay rights activists hold a discussion about, erm gay rights.

      Why don’t YOU channel your energies into improving society if it means that much to you?
      But no, its easier to bitch about other people on the internet isn’t it.

    2. Ultach

      So what are the more pressing reforms your country needs? Did yis not get that all sorted in Frankreich back in 1789 or whenever?

  3. Ppads

    Geoff had to put up with all sorts of establishment bullying for years. He has also debated with people on non LGBT issues which at the time, most other Unionists would not even contemplate. He is a progressive liberal Unionist which as a concept may be ahead of its time, but trailblazers just can’t help themselves.

  4. seanie88

    why is this news when we know there were high profile gay republicans in that party in U.S. and that beyond some ongoing bigotry they were enabled to further their careers..not that I think unionism or republicanism for that matter are the right way

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