13 thoughts on “No Mercy

    1. Wayne.F

      The hint is in the poster, HAZARD! 50,000 people, from Kids to pensioners and limited space!

      Crowd management fairly simple

      1. f_lawless

        I suppose, like the title implies, the point is a more tactful Garda might have seen fit to soften it with a bit of “sorry for the inconvenience but..etc.” Unfortunately the potential problem would be from drunkards potentially knocking bikes over which would everyone else would have to tolerate – I doubt authorities were predicting congestion on a Hillsborough scale. …Or maybe it’s that from experience the Gardai know that cyclists are generally a stubborn lot who only react to stern language? Hmmm

  1. Soundings

    In fairness, with a crowd of what? 50,000 milling about the place, once a bike gets knocked, even if it’s attached to a pole, it’s going to become a hazard for the crowds; people will see a parked car and walk around it, they won’t see a bike knocked to the ground.

    Anyone know when the posters – or laminated pages which anyone could draft up in 2 minutes – went up on the poles?

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