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MORE to folly.

Thanks Nick Sutton (UK covers); Colm Heaney (The Irish Mirror);  Colin McGann (The Clare People); Dermot Ahern (The irish Examiner); Enda Bolger (The Irish Sun); Geoff McGrath (The Irish Daily Mail)

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11 thoughts on “De Tuesday Papers

  1. Soundings

    I see the Irish Times again is like the class swot who pointedly covers his answer book with his spare arm to stop codging. Truth be told, none of the recent stories blanked by the Irish Times in its first editions have been earth shattering. Aren’t the ABCs for Jul-Dec 2014 due any day now, I wouldn’t be surprised if the IT is now selling less than 75,000 copies a day.

      1. stev

        Looks like they’re going for the same model as the Telegraph and the NY Times. Simply use the incognito option on your browser and you don’t get cookies preventing metered access based on accessing the site a specific number of times.

      2. Soundings

        €144 a year for what’s free right now (includes access to archive stories though)

        “People come to The Irish Times and for big news events and for our original journalism. We will provide them with the breaking news, in-depth analysis and context that they expect from us. We are also making the digital experience a richer one”

        No, we don’t.

        If they’re big international stories, we go to the BBC or maybe RTE.

        If they’re big domestic crime stories we go to the Sunday World, Herald, Independent and Sindo because undisgusting Garda whistleblowers provide the detail to that newspaper group.

        Big social stories, RTE and the Examiner.

        If they’re big financial stories, it’s RTE or social media.

        And analysis and opinion, yes Fintan O’Toole is in a class of his own, but the next tier of windbaggery is interchangeable with the windbags at Indo, Sindo and Examiner (we should be paid to read their musings).

        All the IT is going to do is drive its audience into the arms of its competitors who will reap the rewards in advertising. The IT’s cost of delivering digital to 1,000 subscribers is the same as the cost of delivering to 10,000, and I’ll wager IT will have less than 1,000 subscribers in a year’s time.

  2. Frilly Keane

    I’ve just read, in da’ xaminer, that a team in Trinity College Dublin working with the University of Queensland discovered this MS Alzheimer’s Asthma Arthritis Parkinsons attack molecule.

    But read on …
    The Telegraph says t’was Cambridge.

    Would there be a bitta “More of it ” with a good load of “Was it for this ” and a daycent helping of the Graham Norton “Same Diff” Going on?

    Or are there two completely different scientific discoveries

    Like t’would be terrible for the Telegraph to get sum’ting wrong and have to apologise to the Paddies

    Wouldn’t it?

    1. Small Wonder

      No. The team was led by Samuel Cohen from Cambridge. There were others involved from Sweden and Estonia, but not Ireland or Australia. You must be confusing the story with something else. There are plenty of research groups all over the world looking at Alzheimer’s

  3. FK

    One Family IS, Daily Mail! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!! Look at them pretending to highlight social crises. I wonder which immigrant group they’ll blame it on.

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