D’fiant Marshall



This morning.

Defiantly-clad comedian Brendan O’Carroll and dancing mini Mrs Brown tykes (Eva Crean, left and Ella Hannon) celebrate the announcement of Brendan as the Grand Marshall for the Dublin St Patrick’s Day Parade.

(Leah Farrell/Photocall Ireland)

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96 thoughts on “D’fiant Marshall

    1. Jess

      Ah look. I hate Mrs Browns boys as much as the next person but Brendan O’Carroll but he’s given huge amounts of money to St Vincent De Paul , Autism Ireland and other charities.

        1. Soundings

          It is not, can you not see the fear in the eyes of the other actors and crew when Brendan ad-libs the “funny”. I think he probably beats them unless they laugh at the ad-libs,and they probably have to do endless takes of the ad-libs until the spontaneous reaction is got right. Proper little fecker, probably perpetually annoyed that he can never find his glasses..

      1. Digs

        I give money to a myriad of good causes but when I’m home and the curtains are closed I beat my hamster! People assume that if I give to charity that I’m a good egg. I’m not, I’m cracked!

          1. Soundings

            That Christ for clarifying that, I thought you meant you beat your hipster and the autotype messed it up.

          2. Ciarán

            I thought that ‘beat my hamster’ was a euphemism for masterbation, which would be a sin. Glad to read you were only beating your wife, which according to Deuteronomy is ok.

  1. Bluebeard

    Wow. first two posters comments are so boringly predictable. Why would anyone be embarrassed by him or why is he terrible? More of the same cruel archness that defines this site but parades itself as intelligencsia. Are you sure its not yourselves you hate?

    1. Anomanoman

      Abosolutely agree, he’s a great choice. A huge hit in Ireland and on English tv. Why would you not have him.

          1. Don Pidgeoni

            The same kind of fond that people use when describing England before all the foreigners moved in, yes. But with more IRA references.

          2. Don Pidgeoni

            No. I hear people making casually racist idiotic comments (but they aren’t a race so it cant be racist! etc) about Irish people though as a result of watching this show. If you’re cool with that, then fine.

          3. Bluebeard

            Yes Don, i am absolutely fine with that. The same way we do when Basil Fawlty or some other English stereo type is lampooned by them. Then again, I don’t spend my time looking for insult, offence and oppression the same way you and your friends do.

          4. Bluebeard

            No Don, they are not friends. You use each other. They are just using your anger at the world to fight their ridiculous causes. And their company helps make your pompous self righteousness seem normal. A virtuous sort of circle jerk I guess…

          5. Don Pidgeoni

            Bluebeard, you are the angriest person on BS. If anyone is circle-jerking, its you, winding yourself up. Take a deep breath

          6. Don Pidgeoni

            Wait, wait, is this the bit where you say I got pwned and then say something pathetic? *crosses fingers*

        1. Nice Anne (Dammit)

          I do as I live in London and actually know real people over here who comment on the show on facebook and in person and NOT ONE has seen it as anything other than a lighthearted comedy. Cos there is nothing else to see. The rest is in your little head.

    2. Joe the Lion

      At least some of us can spell the big words when we try to make ourselves look intelligence by using them.

  2. Max Power

    My comment was going to say that he is terrible and his comedy is poo, but actually its the people who watch it that give him the success are the ones to worry about.
    Who finds a man dressed up as an old lady going around mumbling the f-word funny? This kind of humor is the worst kind and mainly targeted to the less educated retards.
    England are laughing at him and not with him……..

    1. Mani

      ‘Max finished his last sentence and hit the ‘Post’ button. He glanced at his semi erect penis and knew it was now or never. ‘Bernice’ he shouted, ‘Come here quick, and bring a rolled up copy of the RTE Guide’. Downstairs, in the kitchen, Bernice let out an involuntary whimper. She glanced at the bruises on her forearm. They had not yet faded. What was she going to tell the neighbours this time? There are only so many MMA matches she could pawn them off on. Still. She had to go up to him. He was her husband after all. He was hers. Until she had enough money in that credit union account he knew nothing about. Then and only then. Freedom. She almost whimpered again. But this time, it was a whimper of hope.’

      1. Corky Duke

        Mani finished his last sentence and hit post. He sat back in his crying chair with his soild stained underpants around his ankles. He reached for the tissues to clean up the mess on his keyboard. He checked his emails, nope, none today either. The life of a person with just the internet for company.

          1. italia'90

            Ah leave him be, he’s doing his best.
            He just hasn’t been able to have an original thought
            or express his true feelings since his new bride ran off with the wedding DJ.

      2. Mick Flavin

        That’s the best piece of writing I’ve seen from you, Mani, since you described my date with Tom McGurk.

    2. Soundings

      Gway outta dat, it’s a well trodden path to comedy, from Dame Edna to Les Dawson, Cissie and Ada, Dick Emery to Mrs Doubtfire.

      His jokes are from the Bernard Manning era alright, but he delivers them with the polish of a lifetime’s experience.

      And as for his fupping, didn’t Catherine Tate build a career on “am I bothered”, and Messrs Walliams and Lucas found fame in the “only gay in the village” and “yah, but, no, but” Vicky Pollard, the opus of most comedians is pretty narrow.

      His comedies may not be the most challenging, and little more than skits, but it takes a lot of talent to get them to look that way. Others have commented on the warm-heartedness of the programmes which extends the impact of the comedy.

      I think he deserves every scrap of credit and adulation coming his way.

      Gwan the Mammy!

    3. Bluebeard

      Millions of people find him funny. Im glad you are worried for all of them. Worry for yourself mister. the masses are grand.

  3. Ultach

    I’ve as much time for embarrassing stage Irish jokes about dildos and cream as the next fella, but I draw the line at involving childers.

    1. Domestos

      He might get away with the Bill O’Herlihy jacket, or George Hook pants in isolation (though I doubt it), but combined? Jeeeeaayzus.

  4. Jimbo

    In all fairness the St. Patrick’s Day parade is shite to begin with. He’s perfect. Let’s hope he dresses as Mrs Brown.

  5. Mikeyfex

    He used the quiche/quickie joke in this year’s Christmas special. I over heard it from the drawing room while we were playing Scrabble.

    1. Frilly Keane

      Me too

      Although in the main they’re not all begrudgers

      A ‘quare few of’em are just plain bitter

  6. Ppads

    Is the ban on gay people still in place? I ask because Brendan was always an LGBT advocate so it will put him in a very awkward position if so.

      1. Ppads

        Woops sorry. I assumed that as all the politicians are in NYC that day, Dublin was cancelled. Ok and also no glasses.

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