Lynn Ruane at Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union election count in the Mont Clare Hotel, Dublin on Friday night

The single mother from Killinarden in Tallaght, Dublin dropped out of school without completing her Leaving Cert when she became pregnant at the age of 15. She was “seven or eight months pregnant” when sitting the Junior Cert and “wouldn’t have had the greatest experience in secondary school in the first place”, she admitted.

But fast forward 15 years later and Lynn (30) has become a shining light for equality and triumph over adversity after being elected President of Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union…

….Her road back to education began almost immediately after Jordanne’s birth, when she took up a alternative education system pilot programme for young mothers in Jobstown, Tallaght. When she was 17, she went on to do a course in addiction studies in Tallaght IT – against the wishes of the coordinator, who felt she was too young. By the age of 21, she was working for the Canal task force to develop a service for young drug users.

When austerity hit, it unnerved me how quick things got pulled out of communities, so I felt I needed to get a better education to fight it,” said Lynn…

…She stated at a hustings that she wants her children to “grow up in a world where your gender, class, parental status or race is not a barrier to success” and that “everything I do is to create an environment for my amazing young girls to flourish…”

Lynn Ruane elected first female president of TCDSU in 12 years (Andrew O’Donovan, TrinityNews)

Trinity student president vows to fight college austerity (Nicola Anderson,

Lynn Ruane Elected TCDSU President (Sinead Baker, The University Times)

Pics via Trinity News

35 thoughts on “Lynnspire

  1. Der

    Ah good stuff – a happy story.
    Now remember you are leading a student organisation so be loud, be creative and be radical!
    Make the rest of us sit up and take notice.

  2. ZeligIsJaded

    The girl in the top pic obviously can’t tell when someone is doing the robot!

    She needs to step away and let Lynn vibe

  3. Lilly

    Hmmm… wasn’t Mark ‘Murdoch’ Little once president of the TCD students union. Hope Lynn stays true to her ideals.

      1. Vote Rep #1

        Mark had an idea which became sucessful. Therefore he is now a b*stard to be despised and is no better than Rupert Murdoch.

        1. Lilly

          That’s not what I meant. The SU is a platform for ambitious people, generally not motivated by social justice – or not for long. Call me a cynic.

  4. italia'90

    Well done to this girl. An inspirational journey that hasn’t finished just quite yet I believe.

    Does Labour and RTE farm the Trinity SU for potential candidates?
    Is Labour really running RTE?
    Can we have a new thread and perhaps even a non partisan(as if) on this topic please Broadsheet?
    I ask this because if you remember Squee was losing the presidential election until Pat Kenny and RTE’s intervention which was openly biased and Machiavellian in its execution.

    1. Truth in the News

      The involvement of Labour and their predessors in RTE has gone
      on for years and needs investigation and exposure, the saving of
      Private M D is a case in point, how come RTE don’t do an investigative
      programme on it, we also need to look at the relationship of media political
      correspondents and the spin doctors who feed them government
      propaganda….on wonders what exactly David Davin Power is at all
      day……is Alex White about to bring back the Rabbite Broadcasting
      Household Tax.

      1. italia'90

        Have you seen DDP’s hair when he’s on camera?
        I think that answers your question? ;)

        I was wondering recently why there is such an obvious bias in the media for Irish Water.
        Then I remembered who exerts the most political pressure inside Montrose.
        The establishment really hates having the light shone upon them and will never hold up the mirror
        on their actions or inaction.
        Why is there such *silence on the independent revolution in politics or the amount of disinformation or mendacious innuendo thrown at anyone who challenges the status quo?
        *(by silence I mean there is not one recognised voice in support of the independent movement)

        1. Truth in the News

          Could it ever be DDP has a “Wig”.and that he is pre-occupied
          with it during the day prior to RTE appearances.
          What else is not, what its supposed to be, at the Royal
          Television Establishment.

  5. Spartacus

    I’m delighted for Lynne and I hope she inspires others to achieve their full potential. Kudos to the SU for recognising her achievements.

  6. Frilly Keane

    Well done Lynn

    A bit less shite’aratti about her appearance and let Lynn and her family and supporters get a full measure of the win.

    Particularly its breakthrough potential


    1. Joe the Lion

      ooh look at you

      at first glance it appears to be the first time a person with tats has been elected TCD SU President

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