14 thoughts on “Remaindeered

      1. Soundings

        Oh right, got many pics of Range Rovers, BMW 6/7/X5s and Mercedes-Benzes (not the Mondeo C class, but the proper Mercs)?

  1. Jess

    “Had started tracking these around the city”

    Why? I mean of all the things you could do, why this? You are the collective result of over 500 million years of evolution, your ancestors survived the black death, Cromwell, innumerable famines in order to produce you. You are one of a small number of creatures called the human race that could very well be the only intelligent life in the infinite universe capable of developing civilization.

    so please, why?

    1. Clampers Outside!

      And…. wha….

      It’s not like humans have advanced anything in the last say *5,000 years. Learned to use a few more complex tools, that’s about it though. We were looking to sky wizards back then, and we’re still looking to them today. If this man or woman wants to track red noses across the city, maybe that’s his religion, and who are you to judge.

      That felt good, thanks.

      *Figure picked pretty randomly

  2. Ahh feck

    I saw one of these the other day with the antlers still on. That person should have their license taken from them.

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