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Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Charlie Flanagan, travelled to Ramallah to meet with Rami Hamdallah, Palestinian Prime Minister (ytop) and to Tel Aviv  to see Israel’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, Avigdor Lieberman to discuss the stalled Middle East Peace Process and Ireland’s relations with the region.

Mr Flanagan announced funding of €4.7 million to UN agencies as part of Ireland’s programme of assistance to the Palestinian people.

(DFA/Photocall ireland)

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7 thoughts on “Both Sides Now

      1. Neilo

        Didn’t realise it was a character flaw to have fellow feeling for another nation. Flanagan handing money over to UN agencies supporting Palestinian people while putting his head together with an Israel minister is hardly a byword for ardent Zionism.

      2. bisted

        …I’d say your definition of peace equates with Charlies and Baraks and Bibis…but our day will come.

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